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Can You Remove Rust Stains From Leather? (How To)

A photo of leather texture

Although there are many different types of stains that can occur on leather, rust stains are one of the more unusual. When they take place, they can damage the leather permanently but there are ways to clean it.

You can clean rust from leather by using a mixture of 1 cup hydrogen peroxide and 1/2 cup warm water with a few drops of Dawn dishwashing liquid. Gently blot at the stain and then lightly rub it to remove as much of the stain as possible. If you have time, use saddle soap paste instead.

True rust occurs when there is iron that oxidizes and turns into something that can leave a red or orange mark on genuine leather. It can be a real problem because trying to clean the rust without the proper products can lead to even further damage.

In some cases, the rust may not be directly on the leather but rather, it may be bleeding off of rivets or other items that touch the leather. If that is the case, you need to clean the metal and then clean the leather.

One way to do this is with some WD-40 and a scrub pad. You don’t want to be too harsh on the leather but at the same time, you do need to cut through the rust and clean it.

Of course, if you are dealing with some type of suede or other leather that would be easily damaged, you need to consider another option. This could be using a commercial product that is specifically made for that purpose.

In any case, if rust stains become evident on leather, you need to take care of them as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, it is often the case that the rust has been there for quite some time but with the right care, it is still possible to clean it.

Can You Remove Rust Stains From Leather?

A photo of a person cleaning a chair made of white leather

We discussed the possibility that you are dealing with suede but even if you have genuine leather, it can be a number of different types of leather.

The best type of leather is full-grain leather, and that comes from the top of the hide. The reason it is so sought-after is because of its beauty and its natural ability to repel stains. If you have rust stains on full-grain leather, it will often clean fairly easily.

As you work your way down through the hide, you have other types of leather that are of lower quality. These include top-grain leather, corrected-grain leather, and genuine leather.

That’s right, don’t be full by something that’s known as genuine leather. It is actually from lower down in the hide and is often much less attractive than other types of leather. Genuine leather is often worked by sanding or treating so that it becomes corrected-grain leather.

In many cases, the rust is on the leather because it was in close proximity to or in direct contact with something that was wet and rusty. This can be a real problem because wet leather does not do well.

When leather gets too wet, it can end up pulling some of the oils out of the natural leather and creating a stain that appears to be somewhat of a ring. It can also lead to leather that is brittle and stiff.

When cleaning rust from leather, it may be necessary to use something that is wet, including water, but you should use it sparingly. It is also possible that you can use an alternative that will not damage the leather as you are cleaning it.

How To Remove Rust Stains From Leather? (Step By Step Guide)

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There are quite a few ways to clean rust from leather. We already discussed using WD-40 and a scrub pad, but let’s consider another method that has been used for many years with success.

Here are the steps necessary to clean rust from leather using saddle soap:

1. Make a Paste – Mix some of the saddle soap with a small amount of water until a paste is formed. You can make more of it if necessary as you are working. Don’t use too much water so the paste is not overly wet.

2. Rub It on – the saddle soap paste should then be rubbed directly on the stains using your fingers. This will help to condition the leather and at the same time, will break up some of the rust.

3. Wait – This is perhaps one of the more difficult parts of the process because you will have to wait for the leather pores to open and the rust to loosen. You should allow the paste to stay on the leather for a minute.

4. Wipe off – Use a cotton cloth to wipe the saddle soap off of the leather. Remove as much as possible and if necessary, use a second cloth.

5. Repeat – More than likely, you are not going to get all of the stains off of the leather item at first. You may need to repeat the process until the rust is gone.

6. Dry – Set the leather item off to the side until it is dried fully. At that point, you can begin using it again. You can also dry it with a hairdryer if you’re in a hurry but don’t use heat.

This process has the benefit of removing the rust stain and at the same time, conditioning the leather.

If you are trying to clean some type of fake or synthetic leather, you can use a commercial cleaner or soap and water.

Can You Remove Rust Stains From Leather Car Seat?

A photo of leather seats

It is not uncommon to have rust stains on a car seat. How can you clean the leather without damaging it?

If you are cleaning a genuine leather car seat, you can do so using a paste made of saddle soap and a little water. Rub the saddle soap into the leather with your fingers and allow it to sit on the leather for a minute before wiping it off with a clean cotton cloth.

More than likely, your leather car seat is actually made of some type of plastic. These synthetic car seats may look like leather, but they don’t need to be treated as carefully as leather.

Genuine leather seats are typically found in high-end vehicles, such as BMWs and Mercedes-Benz. Other vehicles use synthetic leather, which is easier to clean because it doesn’t stain as readily.

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Can You Remove Rust Stains From Leather Bag?

A photo of a group of leather bags

If you pick up your leather bag and notice a rust stain, how can you clean it?

Leather bags are typically made from high-quality leather so they can be cleaned with a mixture of saddle soap and water. Gently rub the paste made from the mixture on the bag and leave it on for a minute before wiping it with a clean cotton cloth. You may need to repeat the process.

More than likely, the rust stains are going to be completely removed from your leather bag. You may want to finish conditioning the bag with saddle soap so it has a more even look after cleaning.

Can You Remove Rust Stains From Leather Jacket?

A photo of a black leather jacket

Rust stains on a leather jacket are commonly caused by rusty rivets or buttons. Can the rust be cleaned?

Leather jackets are durable so rust can be cleaned by wiping the rivet or button with a scrub pad and a little WD-40. If you have softer leather, such as a suede jacket, use saddle soap so you don’t stain the leather while trying to clean the rust.

WD-40 will cut through rust very easily and for most leather jackets, it will bring out a beautiful look in the surrounding leather. You should wipe the leather with a clean cotton cloth after applying the WD-40 so it doesn’t permanently mark the jacket.

Can You Remove Rust Stains From Leather Sofa?

A photo of leather sofa

Rust stains are not uncommon on leather sofas. They typically occur when one of the buttons or rivets gets rusty.

Check the type of leather on the sofa by looking at the tag. Typically, a true leather sofa will be made from either genuine or top grain leather. Otherwise, it may be synthetic leather that is more easily cleaned.

If you have rusty rivets or metal decorations on the leather sofa, you should clean them carefully using WD-40 on a scrub pad. The rust will loosen very quickly and can be wiped away with a cotton cloth.

If you have additional rust that has stained the leather sofa, you can use a paste made from saddle soap and a few drops of water that is rubbed on the area with your finger. Wait a few minutes and wipe it off with a clean cotton cloth.

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Rust stains can be removed from leather with saddle soap made into a paste with a little water. Rub the area vigorously with your finger to allow the saddle soap to do its job. After waiting a few minutes, wipe the area with a clean cotton cloth. Air dry the leather or use a hairdryer on a cool setting.

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