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Can You Use Baking Soda To Clean a Washing Machine?

Baking soda is a common ingredient in various recipes, especially in those delicious cookies and desserts. But did you know that baking soda is also a natural cleaner, deodorizer, and abrasive that has long been used to keep homes clean without dangerous chemicals? It can help clean various surfaces, but can you use baking soda to clean a washing machine?

You can use baking soda to clean a washing machine, though you should take care not to use too much. When used in moderation, baking soda won’t cause any issues. If used excessively, however, the baking soda can coat and damage the drive shift components. 

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Can You Use Baking Soda With Vinegar To Clean Your Washing Machine?

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Like baking soda, vinegar is a safer option to chemically-filled cleaners and can effectively clean a wide array of surfaces, including washing machines. Since it can also be used for cleaning washers, you may wonder if you could combine the two to increase their cleaning potential.

Yes, you can use baking soda with vinegar to clean your washing machine. Fill the washing machine with the hottest water. Mix ¼ cup of baking soda with 2 cups of vinegar, and then pour directly into the washing machine. Let the washing machine complete a full cycle.

When combined, the two create a fizzy reaction that can help loosen gunk and buildup from inside your washing machine.  Make sure to use distilled white vinegar, and not other types of vinegar, such as apple cider or balsamic. Distilled white vinegar is the type used for cleaning and deodorizing. In fact, it is such an effective cleaner that some people often add a cup of distilled white vinegar to their laundry. 

Can You Use Baking Soda With Bleach To Clean a Washing Machine?

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Bleach is a tricky cleaning product because, while it is effective, it is also potentially dangerous. This is especially true when it is mixed with other cleaning products, such as ammonia or vinegar. But what about baking soda? Does bleach and baking soda mixed together cause any potential dangerous combination?

You can safely use baking soda with bleach to clean washing machines. Mixing the two is safe and won’t create any deadly vapors. Simply fill your washing machine tub with the hottest water, and then add 1/2 cup of bleach and 1/2 cup of baking soda. 

Allow the washing machine to complete a full cycle. The bleach and baking soda combination will help kill mold and mildew, remove odors, sanitize the inside of the washing machine, and get rid of gunk and buildup. 

How Much Baking Soda To Clean Your Washing Machine?

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While baking soda is an effective cleaner for your washing machine, you will need to have a general idea of how much baking soda is needed to effectively clean the appliance. 

You will need about 2 cups of baking soda for normal-sized washing machines. After you have filled the washing machine to its largest load with the hottest water temperature, just sprinkle the 2 cups of baking soda into the water. Close the lid and let the washer complete a full cycle. 

Unlike when you use bleach to clean your washer, the baking soda won’t damage or discolor clothing if any residue is left behind. You can, however, run a second cycle to clear out any potential residue that may be left behind if you’re worried about the baking soda coming in contact with the clothing. This isn’t necessary, however, since baking soda doesn’t damage fabrics like bleach does. 

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How Often Should You Clean Your Washing Machine With Baking Soda?

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Even though washing machines regularly come in contact with water and laundry detergent, they can still become dirty themselves. In fact, a buildup of dirt and grime inside the washer can cause the machine to not clean as effectively as it once did. It can also transfer those odors trapped inside the machine to your laundry. Regularly cleaning your washing machine can help prevent this from occurring. But just how often should you clean your washing machine with baking soda?

You should clean your washing machine with baking soda at least once a month. This will help keep buildup from occurring, while also providing the necessary cleaning and deodorizing that will keep your machine functioning properly. 

It’s okay to clean your washing machine more than once a month. This is especially true if you notice your washing machine is starting to smell funky even though it hasn’t been 30 days since your last cleaning.

There are various factors that can affect how often you clean your washer, such as how many loads of laundry have been done and how dirty those loads were. You shouldn’t, however, clean the washing machine more than once a week as this can cause a baking soda residue to start building up on important parts of the washer. 

How To Properly Clean Your Washing Machine With Baking Soda?

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Now that you know that you can use baking soda to clean a washing machine, let’s discuss the proper way to go about the process. Knowing the proper steps to cleaning your washing machine with baking soda will go a long way to keeping your washer clean and can even help prolong the life of the appliance. 

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To properly clean your washing machine with baking soda, you will first need to set the washing machine to the hottest water setting and the largest load. Once the tub has filled, add 2 cups of baking soda to the water and then close the lid. Then let the washer complete a full cycle. 

While the washing machine is doing its thing, consider cleaning the exterior of the machine as well. Over time, the outside of the washer can become dirty and grimy. Dissolve 1/2 cup of baking soda in warm water and then dampen a rag in the mixture. Start at the top of the washing machine and wipe it down with the mixture, working your way towards the bottom. Use a clean rag dampened with water to rinse the baking soda mixture off the surface of the washing machine and then let air dry.

Once the washing machine has finished the cycle, you can either run another cycle to rinse any potential residue left behind from the baking soda or just leave it as is. The baking soda won’t damage your laundry, but it does have the potential to build up inside the washer if used too often. If you’re concerned about this occurring, simply run a second cycle using just water once the baking soda cycle has been completed. 

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