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Can You Use Bleach To Clean a Washing Machine?

It’s not uncommon for the inside of your washing machine to get a bit dirty over time. Odors, such as mildew, can sometimes start to build up in your washing machine, making it smell not-the-greatest when you open the lid. Thankfully, you can periodically clean the washing machine to help get rid of those odors. But can you use bleach to clean the washing machine?

Bleach can be used to clean the washing machine, and it does a pretty good job at sanitizing and deodorizing. Simply fill the washer up with the hot water and then add 2 fluid ounces of bleach directly into the washer tub. Then let the bleach water sit in the tub for 1 hour before allowing the washer to finish the complete cycle.

Cleaning washing machine door with sponge

Keep in mind, however, that if your washing machine isn’t working properly, then using bleach may not be ideal. This is because a washing machine that isn’t functioning as it should won’t be able to wash away all the bleach residue. If this occurs, then you run the possibility of accidentally bleaching the next load of laundry. 

To reduce the chance of any bleach residue left behind, run the washer without adding clothes, bleach, or detergent. This will help flush out any leftover bleach in the machine. Another option is to forgo the bleach all together and use a non-bleaching alternative, such as vinegar, to clean the washing machine. 

Can You Use Clorox Bleach To Clean My Washing Machine?

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Clorox is a well-known brand that has been around for ages. In fact, it first appeared on the scene in 1913 with its one and only product at the time; bleach. Clorox has since expanded, with a wide array of products on the market, and a lot of those products have to do with cleaning. But can you use Clorox bleach to clean a washing machine?

Clorox bleach can clean and sanitize washing machines effectively and safely. Clorox is a leading brand in the cleaning aisle, and has long been known for its high quality products, with bleach being its staple item. 

Use Clorox bleach in the same manner as any other bleach brand to clean your washing machine. Make sure that, as with any cleaner, you use the bleach in a well ventilated area. Furthermore, wear a pair of gloves and goggles to help prevent skin irritation, and stop the cleaning solution from coming in contact with your eyes. If you start to feel dizzy or nauseated, move to an area away from the washing machine where you can get fresh air. 

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How Much Bleach To Use To Clean A Washing Machine?

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Now that you know that you can use bleach to clean a washing machine, you’re properly wondering just how much bleach you can use. 

Two fluid ounces of bleach works well to clean and sanitize a normal sized washing machine when filled to the largest load. If you have a smaller washing machine, then you can reduce this amount to one fluid ounce.  

The good thing about bleach is that, if you add a little too much of it to your washing machine, it probably won’t cause any problems with the appliance. Just try to refrain from spilling the liquid as this can damage and discolor the surfaces it lands on. 

How Often Should You Clean Your Washing Machine With Bleach?

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Most people don’t regularly clean their washing machine. It could be because the general public just doesn’t know that cleaning a washing machine is necessary to prevent odors and buildup. Regular cleaning will also help keep the washing machine functioning properly for as long as possible. 

You should clean your washing machine with bleach at least once a month. If, however, you use your washing machine in abundance, or have washed extremely dirty items, then you may want to bump the washing machine cleaning up to once a week. 

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While you’re cleaning the inside of the washing machine, you should also clean the outside as well. Use a rag dampened with diluted bleach and wipe down the exterior of the washer, making sure to get the knobs and control board as well. This helps to get rid of germs and dirt. 

Can You Use Bleach With Vinegar To Clean A Washing Machine?

Cleaning inside of washing machine with towel

Another common washing machine cleaner you have probably heard about is vinegar. Like bleach, vinegar can help deodorize and clean the inside of your washer. But can you mix bleach with vinegar to clean a washing machine?

No, you shouldn’t mix bleach with vinegar to clean a washing machine. Mixing the two can create chlorine gas, which can be lethal. If you want to use both bleach and vinegar to clean your washing machine, use each one separately and never combine the two. 

Vinegar isn’t the only item you shouldn’t mix with bleach. In fact, you shouldn’t mix any cleaning products together as they can create a harmful reaction. Bleach and ammonia, for example, create phosgene gas (also known as mustard gas) when mixed together. Since the potential for serious health complications can occur when mixing different cleaning chemicals together, it is best to just play it safe and avoid combining any cleaning products with one another. 

How To Properly Clean Your Washing Machine With Bleach?

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Even though bleach is an effective cleaner, you will still need to follow the proper cleaning procedure to ensure your washing machine is cleaned the right way. 

To properly clean your washing machine with bleach, set the washer temperature to the hottest possible setting and then let the tub fill with water. Add 1 quart of bleach directly into the washing machine tub and pause the washing machine. Let the bleach water sit for an hour before starting the washer back up. 

Most washing machines can be paused by simply opening their lid, while others feature a pause button. Letting the bleach soak for an hour isn’t a requirement to properly clean your washing machine, but it does give the washer a more thorough cleaning. If you’re short on time, simply skip the one-hour wait period. 

For an extra deep clean, dampen an old rag with some diluted bleach and then wipe down the inside of the washing machine drum. Let sit for 30 minutes before continuing with the cleaning process. You can also play it safe and run a second cycle to make sure all the bleach residue has been washed away. This is a good idea if your washing machine is older or hasn’t been functioning as well as it used. 

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