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Can You Use Goof Off To Clean Vinyl Floors?

Goof Off is one of the best adhesive removers on the market today. However, due to concerns about the safety of the vinyl floors, many people have been asking whether they can use Goof Off to clean their vinyl floors without damaging them.

You can use Goof Off to remove stains, graffiti, scuffs, lipstick, and other debris from your vinyl floor without damaging it. For best results, use an authentic Goof Off from a  reliable manufacturer to avoid damaging your floor.

Vinyl flooring in house

Also, use Goof Off with the right tools to enhance your cleaning efficiency. 

The Goof Off – Household Heavy Duty Remover is a perfect example of a cleaner that is rated for household use.

The additional tools  you may need  to clean  your vinyl floor include:

Two pieces of microfiber clothes: One piece for applying the adhesive remover on the stained areas and the other one  for rinsing any  Goof Off residue off the floor

A washing basin: For holding the wash water. Remember,  you don’t need to flood the floor with water lest you want to damage the vinyl material.

A sweeping  broom and a dust pan or a vacuum cleaner: For removing dust and other loose particles from the vinyl floor

A vinegar and water solution: For washing any Goof Off residue off the vinyl floor

Hot water: Acts as a basic solvent for mixing with vinegar. You also need water to cleanse any residues of vinegar and goof off.

To clean vinyl floors using Goof Off, use a vacuum cleaner to suck any loose debris from the floor. Apply Goof Off on a piece of microfiber cloth tip and then use the tip to scrub the spotted areas. Dip a microfiber cloth in a vinegar and water solution and then use it to clean the entire floor.

Remember to wipe off the water and vinegar residues on the floor. To do this, dip a  clean microfiber cloth in plain hot water, wring it to remove any excess water, and then use it to wipe any excess water off the floor. 

Is Goof Off Safe To Clean Vinyl Flooring (Will It Damage The Vinyl)?

Hand cloth cleaning flooring

When I first encountered this magic cleaner, I was hesitant to use it on my vinyl floor, fearing it might damage it. I started using it after observing my neighbor use it three times without damaging her floor.

Goof Off is safe to clean vinyl flooring without damaging it. However, you should not let it sit on the floor for more than 5 minutes as some of its active ingredients might damage the vinyl surface when left for a long time.

Examples of the potent ingredients you can find in the Goof Off adhesive cleaner include.

Xylene: Acts as a  solvent  for dissolving stains from ink, grease, oil, marker, coffee, etc.

Acetone: Acts as a disinfectant against bacteria and other pathogens. In addition, acetone plays a critical role in dissolving grime and other stains for effective cleaning.

Butoxydiglycol: Dissolves residues and stains for hassle-free cleaning

Ethylbenzene: Works as a  solvent for dissolving dirt

As you can see, the Goof Off’s constituent elements are meant to clean the surfaces’ stains. You must follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid damaging your vinyl floor.

Will Goof Off Disinfect The Vinyl Flooring?

Mop cleaning vinyl flooring

Like any other surface, vinyl floors can host bacteria, fungus, and other microbes especially if congested and poorly maintained. These microbes, if left unattended, can be hazardous to you and other home users.

Goof Off disinfects vinyl flooring. If you suspect microbes on your vinyl floor and other surfaces, you can use Goof Off to disinfect them. Goof Off contains acetone, which performs the dual role of dissolving the stains and disinfecting the vinyl floors and other surfaces. 

Can You Use Goof Off To Clean Vinyl Plank Floors?

Hand cloth cleaning flooring

When looking for a cleaner to remove grime, ink, and other stubborn stains on your vinyl flooring, do not look beyond the Goof Off adhesive remover.

You can use Goof Off to clean vinyl plank floors. It contains Butoxydiglycol, acetone, and ethylbenzene, and other elements, which work together to break all kinds of stains. For best results,  ensure that you buy your Goof Off from a reliable manufacturer and then use it as the user manual directs.

Besides the Goof Off,  you may need tools like a vacuum cleaner,  soft microfiber clothes, a bucket, hot water, and vinegar to make your cleaning a breeze. I don’t advocate soaps or other bleaching agents as they may interfere with the plank vinyl floor surface.

How To Clean Vinyl Plank Flooring Using Goof Off

Vinyl flooring in house

Now that you understand the essential tools you need to clean plank vinyl floorings, the next step is to look at the steps you need to follow in cleaning your vinyl plank floor effectively.

To clean vinyl plank flooring, use a vacuum cleaner to remove loose debris from your plank vinyl floor. Then, moisten a piece of a soft microfiber cloth with Goof Off, and use it to scrub the stains on your vinyl floor. Repeat as needed until you clear all the stains. 

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Don’t forget to rinse off the plank vinyl floor after you are done cleaning the stains. To do this, dip a microfiber cloth in water and vinegar solution and then use it to clean the entire floor. Use a dry microfiber cloth to dry the vinyl plank floor.

Can You Use Goof Off To Clean Luxury Vinyl Tile Floors?

Mop cleaning vinyl flooring

The luxury vinyl tile floors are waterproof and durable. Though rugged enough to withstand scratches and heavy foot traffic, the vinyl tile floors are not immune to getting stained from ink, lipstick, mark pen, food splatters, grime, and other unwanted elements.

If your vinyl floor gets stained,  you can use Goof Off to give it a new clean look. If you fear that the Goof Off might damage your luxury vinyl tile floors, do a spot test in an inconspicuous spot to examine how the Goof Off will impact your vinyl floor.

How To Clean Vinyl Luxury Tile Flooring Using Goof Off

cleaning vinyl flooring in house

Cleaning your luxury vinyl floor doesn’t have to be complex. I recommend you start with a spot test. If everything turns out well;

To clean vinyl luxury tile flooring using Goof Off, wet a tip of a microfiber cloth with Goof Off and use it to rub the stained areas. Next, dip a new microfiber cloth in hot water, wring it, and then rinse any Goof Off the residue from the vinyl floor and leave it to air dry.

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Can You Use Goof Off To Clean Vinyl Sheet Floors?

Vinyl flooring in house

Like vinyl plank and luxury tiles, the vinyl sheet floors are prone to getting stained. You must clean them regularly to maintain them in their top-notch condition.

The Goof Off cleaner is your go-to option if you are looking for an efficient adhesive cleaner to remove stubborn spots on your vinyl sheet floors. Besides the Goof Off,  you may need additional tools like a bucket, three pieces of microfiber cloth, vinegar, and hot water, etc.

How To Clean Vinyl Sheet Flooring Using Goof Off

Mop cleaning vinyl flooring

The vinyl sheet floors may react differently when cleansed with Goof Off. More specifically, some floors may recover their original elegance, while others may fade or develop scratches after cleaning. For this reason, starting with a spot test is advisable to determine how your vinyl sheet flooring would react after Goof Off cleaning.

To clean Vinyl sheet flooring using Goof Off, do a spot test first. If it gives positive results, wet a microfiber cloth with Goof Off and use it to scrub the spotted areas on your floor. Rinse the entire floor with hot water and vinegar solution, followed by plain water. 

Be sure not to flood the floor with water as it can penetrate the subfloor and cause warping of the vinyl sheets.

Note: The Goof Off ingredients may irritate the skin or cause other health complications. For safety reasons, wear protective gear to avoid the health issues that may arise from contacting, swallowing, or inhaling the Goof Off adhesive remover.

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