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Can You Use Magic Eraser To Clean Vinyl Floors?

Magic Eraser is a melamine foam sponge that removes grime, dried food splatters, scuffs, and other dirt from your home surfaces. You can use it to clean ceramic stove tops, door gaskets, walls, and vinyl floorings. In this guide, I will take you through how to clean the vinyl floors using the magic eraser.

To clean a stained vinyl floor, use a Magic Eraser to scrub away dirt from your Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT), Vinyl sheets, or Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) floor.  To clean, dip the Magic Eraser in water, wring it and then use it to scrub any dirt or grime from your vinyl floor.

Melamine cleaning sponges

If you fear the Magic Eraser might damage the floor surface, I recommend you start with a  spot test. Use the Magic Eraser on an inconspicuous area, perhaps a spotted area under your table, to see how the Magic Eraser will impact your entire floor. 

Examine the spot check area for any scratches or dulling. Proceed to clean the rest of the vinyl floor if the spot test goes well. If the test spot dulls, you’ll have to consider another cleaning option.

Is Magic Eraser Safe To Clean Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring

The Magic Eraser features a melamine foam construction. Like sandpaper, it applies the power of abrasion to clean dirt and grime from surfaces. That said, it can work magic in cleaning any floor surface.

The Magic Eraser is generally safe for cleaning all types of vinyl flooring. However, you must be gentle on your scrubbing to avoid scratching the vinyl surface with abrasive melamine. 

On the same note, the Magic Eraser is generally non-toxic. The melamine foam material comprises formaldehyde-melamine-sodium bisulfite copolymer, which causes zero health threats to the users and zero destruction to surfaces.

However, some people fear that Magic Erasers might be hazardous due to the formaldehyde content in their name. Contrary to this belief, the Magic Eraser is produced per US manufacturing laws, and its formaldehyde content, if any, is too small to cause any alarm.

To elaborate further, formaldehyde reacts with melamine to form a tough resin while offsetting the worst effects of formaldehyde. It is this high tensile resin that performs the cleaning role.

Will Magic Eraser Disinfect The Vinyl Flooring?

Melamine cleaning sponges

Are you concerned about whether the Magic Eraser would disinfect your vinyl flooring? The answer lies in its constituent ingredients. As mentioned above,  the Magic Eraser contains sodium bisulfite, which disinfects the cleaning surfaces.

Magic Eraser disinfects vinyl flooring. The sodium bisulfite in the Magic Eraser formula reacts with water to produce sulfur dioxide gas,  which kills yeast, bacteria, and fungus. That’s why you should wet the Magic Eraser with water before you start scrubbing your vinyl flooring with it.

Can You Use a Magic Eraser To Clean Vinyl Plank Floors?

Vinyl plank floors can get stained with time.  As a result, you should clean them thoroughly to remove tough grime, food splatter, and other debris from the surface. 

You need the Magic Eraser to clean your vinyl plank floorings. For best results, use it with other cleaning tools like a bucket of warm water, broom, cleaning vinegar, microfiber mop, gloves, dustpan/ vacuum cleaner, etc.

How To Clean Vinyl Plank Flooring Using Magic Eraser

Cleaning with a melamine sponge

Are you using the Magic Eraser for the first time? Follow the procedure in the following section to get an idea of what you need to do.

To clean vinyl plank flooring using Magic Eraser, prepare the floor by sweeping or sucking the debris with a vacuum cleaner,  then use a wet Magic Eraser to scrub the spotted areas. Finally, dip a soft microfiber cloth in a vinegar and water solution and use it to clean your vinyl plank floor.

Below is a detailed explanation of the above steps.

Prepare Your Plank Vinyl Floor

Preparing the Vinyl Plank Floor involves sweeping or vacuum cleaning its surface to remove any dust and free debris. Remember, any solid particles can scratch the vinyl floor while scrubbing. 

Cleaning the surface also saves you the time you would otherwise spend removing solid particles after cleaning. It also gives you a clear picture of the spotted areas.

Do A Spot Test

Vinyl floor materials differ in quality, and so does their response to Magic Eraser cleaning. For instance, some vinyl materials may sustain scratches while others may restore their new look. 

For this reason, you should always do a spot test in an inconspicuous area to assess how the vinyl plank floor would behave to avoid messing up the entire floor.

Clean The Spotted Areas

After cleaning the free debris, the next step is to deal with the stubborn spots on the vinyl plank floors. Dip a magic eraser in warm water and wring it to remove excess water. Use the wet magic eraser to scrub the spotted areas back and forth. Be gentle in your scrubbing to avoid scratching the vinyl plank surface. 

After cleaning the spotted areas,  dip a microfiber cloth in hot water and vinegar solution, wring it, and then use it to clean the entire vinyl plank floor.

Note: The Magic Eraser may irritate people with sensitive skin. If you are one of such people, ensure that you cover your hands with gloves to avoid irritation.

Dry The Floor

After cleaning, use a dry microfiber cloth to dry off any water and vinegar residues on the vinyl plank floor, and you’re done. If left unattended, the water may penetrate the vinyl floor and damage it.

Can You Use a Magic Eraser To Clean Luxury Vinyl Tile Floors?

Melamine cleaning sponges

Luxury vinyl is known for its durability. However, like any other vinyl flooring, it can dull or get scratched from its regular use, calling for regular cleaning to maintain its elegance. 

The Magic Eraser is one of the efficient tools you can use for cleaning luxury vinyl tile floors. Ensure you use it with water to activate the sodium sulfite in it and lubricate the luxury vinyl tile floors for effective cleaning. 

You may also require tools like a clean microfiber cloth and a vacuum cleaner for hassle-free cleaning.

How To Clean Vinyl Luxury Tile Flooring Using Magic Eraser

Cleaning the vinyl luxury tile flooring with a Magic Eraser doesn’t have to be complex.

To clean vinyl luxury tile flooring using Magic Eraser, suck the free debris from the floor using a vacuum cleaner. Dip Magic Eraser in hot water and use it to scrub the spotted areas on your floor sparingly to avoid scratching it. Rinse the floor and dry it with a clean microfiber cloth.

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To rinse off the floor, dip a microfiber cloth in water and vinegar solution and then use it to clean the entire floor. Repeat the process with plain water and a piece of new fabric to remove any vinegar residue.

Can You Use a Magic Eraser To Clean Vinyl Sheet Floors?

Melamine cleaning sponges

The vinyl sheet floors feature a UV-treated urethane cover which protects them against scuffs, stains, scratches, and water damage. However,  the urethane cover isn’t entirely stain-proof and may accumulate stains with time.

If your vinyl sheet floor sustains stubborn stains, you can use a Magic Eraser to clean them. Be sure to clean off the entire vinyl sheet floor with vinegar and water solution to remove the dirt remaining on the floor.

After rinsing, you can use a piece of dry cloth to wipe dry the floor or leave it to air dry.

How To Clean Vinyl Sheet Flooring Using Magic Eraser

Melamine cleaning sponges

To clean vinyl sheets using the Magic Eraser start by cleaning any loose debris using a vacuum cleaner. Then, wipe the tough stains with a wet Magic Eraser, and finally, clean off the entire floor using water and vinegar solution. Dry the floor with a dry microfiber cloth.

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Cleaning the vinyl sheet flooring is similar to washing the vinyl plank floors and luxury vinyl tile floors discussed above.

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