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What Can I Use To Clean Concrete Floors?

Close up shot of a concrete floor

Concrete floors can be a beautiful part of the home. They can also be functional in some parts of the home as well. How can you keep them looking their best?

The easiest way to clean a concrete floor is with water and a neutral cleaner. This could include Dawn dishwashing liquid or any other soap that is pH balanced. You can simply mop this on the floor and allow it to dry.

Although it certainly is possible to clean your concrete floor with water alone, it’s always a better idea to use at least a little soap in the water. Soap has properties that affect the surface of the water and it also attracts dirt, making it easier to clean the floor.

You also have a wide range of cleaning products that are available for concrete as well. Some people prefer to use these, especially if they are washing a concrete floor that is finished in some way or another. Commercial products are often the best way to go because they protect the floor.

There are also other things to consider, including what can damage concrete as well as what can be done in between the times that you are washing your floor.

What Can I Use To Clean Concrete Floors?

Many people consider concrete to be impervious. It certainly is hard, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is not possible to damage it.

Caution needs to be taken so that you don’t mistreat the floor, especially if it is finished. Even an unfinished or unsealed concrete floor can be damaged and it doesn’t matter if it is on the floor of your garage or basement, you will notice the damage over time.

Essentially, you should always be treating your floor as gently as possible. It is not necessary to get down and scrub the concrete, just because it is possible to do so.

For the most part, a neutral cleaner will be best. Dawn dishwashing liquid is always a good idea but there are other neutral cleaners available, including some that are specific for cleaning concrete.

If you have some type of a spill or a stain, you may need to take things to the next level. This is more commonly seen in a work environment, such as a garage floor.

Just because you are working on the concrete floor does not mean that you want it to be completely stained. Messy spills, such as grease stains are going to occur, but they can often be cleaned up with some soda or the proper detergent.

In some cases, you may be able to use a stronger cleaner, such as bleach. This should be done with some caution, however, especially if you are dealing with a finished floor.

We will discuss using bleach and other strong cleaners more in this article.

One other thing to consider is how to care for the concrete floor in between the times that you are washing it. Occasionally sweeping up the floor is always going to be beneficial.

If you are dealing with an unfinished concrete floor or one that is used for work purposes, you can use a push broom if desired. If the floor is finished, it will likely be smooth and you can use a dust mop.

This is not generally something that needs to be done every day, although some homeowners do prefer to do so if they have pets or if there is a lot of foot traffic. More than likely, it is only going to take a few minutes to run a dry mop over the floor daily and that can go a long way in helping keep the floor clean.

First of all, any dirt that accumulates on the floor between the times that you wash it is going to act like sandpaper as you walk over it. You can easily damage the finish on your concrete floor if you aren’t careful. It doesn’t typically happen overnight, but it can happen quickly.

You could also vacuum the concrete floor if desired. Some people do this, just because of the convenience of doing so. It is not necessary to use the beater bar if you are vacuuming concrete and in fact, it can wear on the finish of the floor if you do so too often.

Finally, consider the fact that you don’t want standing water on the floor for too long. Most concrete can handle standing water, but it is always best if you dry the floor as quickly as possible.

This isn’t only to keep the floor looking as good as possible but it is also a safety issue, especially on certain types of finished concrete. Wet concrete can be as slippery as ice, so set out a fan to dry the floor quickly when you mop it.

Let’s take a look at some of the different cleaners that can be used on your concrete floor. Will also consider a few that should never be used as well.

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Can You Use Vinegar To Clean Concrete Floors?

Close up shot of a vinegar in a sauce bowl

Vinegar is often used to clean around the home. Is it proper to use it on concrete floors?

You can use a little vinegar in water to clean a concrete floor. It should be diluted, however, because using too much vinegar can be damaging to the finish on many concrete floors in the home.

It is also possible to use vinegar with a scrubbing brush if you are trying to remove stains from unfinished concrete. This is not something that is recommended for use on finished concrete in the home, but it can do wonders in the garage or work area.

Most people prefer to use vinegar because it is a natural cleaner. It can work for many stains on concrete, but it is better to use a neutral cleaner.

Can You Use White Vinegar To Clean Concrete Floors?

White vinegar can be used for cleaning finished concrete floors but you must dilute it in water. Generally speaking, 1/2 cup of white vinegar in a gallon of warm water is good for cleaning concrete. Do not use straight vinegar on finished concrete because it can damage the finish.

Can You Use Bleach To Clean Concrete Floors?

A closeup shot of a bleach

Is bleach a good way to keep your concrete floors clean? The answer might surprise you.

Bleach can be used for concrete floors if it is diluted and you are using it for the purpose of killing mold or mildew. It should not be something used on a regular basis on concrete, as it can damage the finish of concrete over time.

Bleach is very effective at killing mold and mildew but you need to ensure you are using it properly. Dilute the bleach in warm water and mop it on the floor.

Keep in mind that even dead mold spores can affect somebody and cause an allergic reaction. After you use bleach to clean the floor, you should rinse it thoroughly with plain water.

Can You Use Muriatic Acid To Clean Concrete Floors?

A closeup shot of muriatic acid on the floor

Is muriatic acid something that should be used on concrete? Be sure to read this before you use it.

You can use muriatic acid on concrete, but it should not be used on finished concrete in the home. For a concrete floor in the garage or perhaps a driveway, you can use some diluted muriatic acid to lift many of the stains. It is also effective when used just before pressure washing.

If you are going to use muriatic acid on concrete, make sure that you are using all of the proper PPE. This would include, at the very minimum, safety glasses and gloves. A face shield is preferred.

Can You Use Steam Clean To Clean Concrete Floors?

Are you planning on steam cleaning your concrete floor? Here are some things to keep in mind.

A concrete floor can be steamed using a steam cleaner. For unfinished concrete, there is no restriction but you should be cautious if you are using a steam cleaner on finished concrete. Keep the setting lower and only use it if necessary.

Steam cleaning is often preferred because it works to clean and disinfect the floor without using any strong chemicals. That being said, it also does put a strain on the floor, and it should be used with caution if the concrete floor has been finished.

[This article and its contents are owned by Wabi Sabi Group and was first published on 05/19/2022.]

Can You Use Steam Mop To Clean Concrete Floors?

Many people have steam mops for cleaning around the home. Can you use a steam mop on concrete?

Steam mops can be used on concrete that has not been sealed. If you have a floor that is sealed or stained, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions so you don’t damage the finish.

Steam mops are very convenient and some of them have settings to lower the amount of heat and steam. You may need to check with those settings to make sure you are using the one right for your floor.

Can You Use Water To Clean Concrete Floors?

A close up shot of a water from a running faucet

Is it okay to get concrete wet? Can you really use water to clean it?

The only thing you really need to clean concrete is a bucket of water. You mop it on and then dry it, preferably quickly because wet concrete is slippery. If you want to increase the cleaning power, add some neutral cleaner, such as dishwashing liquid.

Can You Use Soap To Clean Concrete Floors?

A close up shot of a soap on the floor

Is soap good for cleaning concrete? What type of soap should be used?

Cleaning concrete with water and a mild dishwashing soap is all that is typically necessary to keep the floor clean. There are also many commercial neutral cleaners that can be used for that purpose as well.

You can use a neutral soap with confidence on any type of concrete floor. It works on unfinished concrete, as well as stained or stamped concrete.

Can You Use Glo To Clean Concrete Floors?

Mop and Glo is a very popular commercial product because it leaves the floor shiny. Can you also use it on concrete?

You can use any Glo product on concrete floors, and it will leave them very shiny. It is not always necessary, because many finished concrete floors have a natural shine that doesn’t typically go away.

If you do use Mop and Glo on a concrete floor, you should not use it continually. It can make the floor slippery and it can build up over time, having the opposite effect that is desired.

Can You Use Pine Sol To Clean Concrete Floors?

Most people have some Pine-Sol around the home. Should you use it on your concrete floor?

This content is owned by Wabi Sabi Group and was first published on May 19, 2022..

Concrete floors can be cleaned with Pine-Sol because it is an all-purpose cleaner. It is necessary to dilute the Pine-Sol because it may be too strong on its own and could damage the finish on stained concrete.

The general mixture that is recommended for Pine-Sol is about 1/4 cup in a gallon of water. There isn’t a need to use a lot of Pine-Sol, because a little goes a long way.

Can You Use TSP To Clean Concrete Floors?

TSP is sometimes used for cleaning floors. Should you use trisodium phosphate for cleaning concrete?

You can use TSP on a concrete floor to keep it clean. It is alkaline, so it doesn’t have the acidity that will damage the concrete. You should use it with caution, however, if you are using it on finished concrete, as the alkaline nature can damage the finish over time.

Trisodium phosphate is an alkaline cleaner that is often used for concrete in commercial settings or in a work environment. Make sure that you wear gloves and protect your skin because it can be harsh if it comes in contact with your skin.

[This article and its contents are owned by Wabi Sabi Group and was first published on 05/19/2022.]

Can You Use Kilz To Clean Concrete Floors?

Kilz is a popular product but is it used for cleaning concrete?

You can apply kilz to a concrete floor but it is not a cleaning product. It is used after you clean the floor to seal it and prime it before painting. Be sure that you read the directions before you use this product.

Can You Use Dawn/Dish Soap To Clean Concrete Floors?

A close up of a person's hand in gloves putting dishwashing on a sponge

Dish soap is something we often have on hand but should you use it for concrete floors?

Dish soap is a neutral cleaner that can be used in warm water for cleaning both finished and unfinished concrete floors. There isn’t a need to use any other commercial products, just put a little dishwashing liquid in water and start cleaning.

Dish soap has a number of properties that really make it beneficial for cleaning concrete. It reacts with the surface of the water and it also attracts dirt.

Can You Use Swiffer To Clean Concrete Floors?

We love our Swiffer for use around the home. Can you safely use it on concrete?

You can safely run a dry Swiffer on finished concrete to pick up dust and even pet hair. It’s a fantastic product that should also be used before you wash the floor. You should be cautious using any of the Swiffer Wet Jet products because they can be acidic and could damage the finish.

Never use a product just because it is convenient. Always verify that it can be used on the floor properly so you don’t damage it while trying to keep it clean.

Can You Use Hydrogen Peroxide To Clean Concrete Floors?

Hydrogen peroxide can be used for cleaning concrete floors but it should be used with caution. It is typically used in a medical setting to disinfect the floor. In the home, it is better to use a neutral cleaner, such as Dawn dishwashing liquid diluted in a gallon of warm water.

This article was first published on May 19, 2022 by Wabi Sabi Group..

Can You Use Hydrochloric Acid To Clean Concrete Floors?

Hydrochloric acid can be used for cleaning unfinished concrete. It removes stains and can prepare the concrete for finishing. It is often used as a cleaner before pressure washing. Do not use hydrochloric acid on finished concrete.

How To Clean Concrete Floors Properly

Hand scrubbing clean floor

You want to keep your concrete floor looking as nice as possible. In the home, this can be done in a similar way as it might be done in a work environment.

The easiest and most effective way to clean a concrete floor is to use a neutral cleaner in a bucket of water. You can purchase a commercial product for this reason or you may use something, such as Dawn dishwashing liquid. A small amount of neutral cleaner in a gallon of water will work wonders.

As far as washing your floors is concerned, you also need to pay attention to the temperature of the water. You don’t need to use boiling hot water to clean concrete and in fact, it can damage the floor if it is finished.

Generally speaking, warm water with a neutral cleaner is the best option for almost any type of concrete. Otherwise, you can use a special product if you are dealing with stains.

Although washing the floor is important, it is also important to care for the floor in between the times that you get out the mop and bucket. This is typically done with either a broom and dustpan or a dry mop. You can also use a vacuum cleaner.

Dry mopping the floor once or twice a week will work wonders in helping to reduce the amount of time you have to wash it. It also helps to protect the finish because you are grinding in the dirt that has been accumulating on the surface of the floor.

You may want to increase the number of times that you dry mop the floor if you have a lot of foot traffic. If you have pets, this is also something you should consider so that you aren’t allowing too much pet hair to accumulate.

One other piece of advice I would give you is to be cautious when you are moving furniture while cleaning. Concrete is durable, but you can still damage it if you drag the furniture across the floor.

If you have to clean under a piece of furniture, it is best if you get some help to lift the furniture and move it to the proper location. You can then clean the floor underneath it and move the furniture back.

The best way to clean a concrete floor is to use a neutral cleaner in warm water. After wringing the mop out, you can simply mop the area and then dry it using a fan. Concrete floors are very slippery when they are wet, so dry it quickly if possible.

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