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What Can You Use to Clean Laminate Floors?

A shot of a mop cleaning the laminated floor

Laminate floors give buyers the ability to purchase a flooring material that is durable, long-lasting, and affordable for just about any budget. When it comes to cleaning through, what can be used to clean a laminate floor effectively and safely? 

The various products you can use to clean a laminate floor include water, bleach, alcohol, Windex, Fabuloso, Grove, Dawn or dish soap, Mr. Clean, Lysol, Clorox disinfecting wet mopping cloths, baking soda, and peroxide when combined with other cleaning agents. 

Laminate floors had a bad reputation for some time due to their distracting patterns, uncharming colors, and overall tacky association when it came to finding quality products for a home or business. However, laminate floors have made a huge comeback and can be found at just about any price and any pattern to elevate a space, make it modern, and keep it simple when installing. If you are looking to clean laminate floors, read on to see what can be used.

What Can You Use to Clean Laminate Floors?

One of the biggest reasons people find themselves installing laminate floors is not because of their price, but because of their ease of care and overall durability. Due to the composition of laminate, it is incredibly resistant to liquid and performs well under high amounts of activity and weight. With laminate getting so much use, there are bound to be times when it needs to be cleaned thoroughly and when this comes, what products can be used?

The various products you can use to clean a laminate floor include water, bleach, alcohol, Windex, Fabuloso, Grove, Dawn or dish soap, Mr. Clean, Lysol, Clorox disinfecting wet mopping cloths, baking soda, and peroxide when combined with other cleaning agents.

Can You Use Water to Clean Laminate Floors?

Close up of spilled water on the floor

As briefly noted previously, laminate is a material that is incredibly resistant to liquid, which means this is a great product for those who have areas that are constantly being tracked through from the outside or for those who want a new bathroom floor without having to pay the price of tile. Messes happen though, and if you have yogurt hit the floor or a raspberry squashed in the middle of the kitchen, can water be used to clean the material?

Water can be used to clean laminate, but keep in mind this is not a disinfecting solution. If a small spill or accident happens that does not require disinfecting, simply wet a towel or mop, clean the area, wipe away all residue, and gently pat the area dry to ensure no water remains.

Can You Use Bleach to Clean Laminate Floors?

Closeup of pouring white bleach

Bleach is known for its ability to knock out serious contaminates and germs, get the dullest towels white again, and even get sand dollars back to their former glory after laying a few days in the sun. Although there are quite a few uses for bleach, this is a chemical product that can be dangerous and damaging if used in the wrong capacity. For those with laminate floors, can you use bleach and if so, how can you use it safely?

You can use bleach on laminate, but keep in mind that this substance needs to be substantially diluted before you apply it to your flooring. Mix ¾ cup of bleach with a gallon of water and be careful not to get any concentrated bleach on the floor, as this can stain the laminate.

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Can You Use Bona to Clean Laminate Floors?

Man in white shirt confused

Bona is a cleaning product brand that is specifically designed to treat and clean hardwood floors. Hardwood floors may not seem that much different when compared to laminate floors, as they are both hard surfaces, but hardwood requires different treatment from other flooring, as wood is very porous and thus, sensitive to cleaners. If you have a Bona product laying around and need a quick clean, will using this product clean your floors effectively?

Bona can be used to clean laminate floors, but keep in mind that the purpose of this product is to treat wood floors. Therefore, Bona is a product that is weaker than other floor cleaning agents, which means that you may not get the clean you desire when using this product.

Can You Use Alcohol to Clean Laminate Floors?

Alcohol closeup shot

Alcohol is one of the first types of cleaning agents to make a big difference when it comes to actually sanitizing an area. With the development of the modern world though, many more products have taken the place of alcohol, but this product can still stand alone when it comes to getting tough messes cleaned up and sanitized quickly. For laminate floors though, can alcohol be used without damaging the surface of the floor?

You can use alcohol to clean laminate floors, but it works best when combined with other cleaning agents such as white vinegar, water, dish detergent, or a combination of these products. If you have only a small area to clean, alcohol should do fine on its own to clean the area.

Can You Use Pine-Sol to Clean Laminate Floors?

Woman in pink shirt being confused

Pine-Sol is a cleaning agent that has been around for quite some time and can be recalled by just about anyone over the age of 18. This cleaner is one that leaves every house and business smelling gloriously clean and is incredibly effective when it comes to cleaning difficult messes. Therefore, when you have Pine-Sol on hand and notice that your floors need cleaning, is this a good choice to get dirt gone while also preserving the surface of the laminate?

You can use Pine-Sol on laminate floors, but be sure you are using the Pine-Sol multi purpose cleaner to do so. Simply pour the product into a bucket, add water to dilute the product, then use a mop or large rag to clean the affected areas. Allow the solution to dry and your floor should be clean.

Can You Use Windex to Clean Laminate Floors?

Glass cleaner in orange cloth

When considering the original intent of Windex, such as cleaning windows and glass materials so well that you can barely tell they’re there, one might wonder where someone would get the idea to use Windex on their laminate floors. However, there are times when a particular stain needs extra help and with Windex could be just the answer, but is this product safe to use on laminate floors or will it damage the surface?

You can use Windex to clean laminate floors, as the solution will not damage the surface of the flooring. Keep in mind that this product is not designed to disinfect. Therefore, if you have an area that needs to be sanitized, try using a different product that can both clean and disinfect.

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Can You Use Fabuloso to Clean Laminate Floors?

Blonde straight hair woman in orange shirt thinking

Fabuloso is another great smelling cleaning product that many are able to recall the smell of without having to think too hard. Fabuloso comes in a variety of different scents as well as products, but when it comes to those intended for the floor, this product is quite versatile. If you have Fabuloso on hand and are wondering if your laminate floors can handle the solution, continue reading below.

You can use Fabulosos to clean laminate floors, but be sure that you dilute this concentrated product. To do this, add ¼ cup of Fabuloso to a gallon of warm water and mix it well. You will then simply mop the floors, making sure to remove all excess water and product.

Can You Use Grove to Clean Laminate Floors?

Curly hair woman in orange shirt thinking

There are many individuals who have decided to slowly change the old products they grew up cleaning with to newer ones that are more eco-conscious and free of harsh chemicals. One very popular brand that embodies the latter two qualities is Grove, which is an eco-friendly brand that works to keep harsh chemicals out of your home or business, but does this product work well even for laminate floors that sometimes need a really deep clean?

You can use Grove to clean laminate floors, as the floor cleaner offered by Grove is perfect for such a material. Simply follow the directions to dilute the concentrated product, distribute it to the area that needs cleaning, and be sure all residue is removed when complete.

Can You Use Dawn/Dish Soap to Clean Laminate Floors?

Dish soap and sponge

Dawn dish soap is a product that can remove even the toughest of dried on or baked on food, can strip paint straight from a paint brush, can remove oil from despairing animals, and can get just about any stain cleaned from material items. Even more than this though, Dawn can be used to clean larger areas when needed, making it an option when you’ve run out of all others when your laminate floor needs to be cleaned.

You can use Dawn or dish soap to clean laminate floors, but Dawn is a very concentrated soap and thus, needs to be diluted before applying to flooring. If the solution is not diluted enough, it will cause the soap to thickly spread and suds, making it difficult to clean off.

Can You Use Mr. Clean to Clean Laminate Floors?

Black and white image of person thinking

Mr. Clean is known for their miracle Magic Eraser which can tackle just about any mark or stain on a hard surface without having to put hardly any elbow grease into its removal. Along with this product though, Mr. Clean also produces a floor cleaner – Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath, which can be used on just about any flooring. If this is the case, then can Mr. Clean be used to wash up laminate floors?

Mr. Clean can be used to clean laminate floors, but should be diluted before being used. Add ¼ of Mr. Clean to a bucket of warm water that measures about a gallon. You will then mix the two together, take a mop and ring it of any excess product, and go forward with cleaning.

Can You Use Lysol to Clean Laminate Floors?

Closeup of aerosol spray

Lysol is known for its disinfecting abilities and this product can be found in just about every classroom, doctors office, library, and many households due to its success in killing bacteria and getting a surface clean. Lysol is used in the form of a spray though, which may leave some people wondering if it is possible to use such a product on their laminate floors. If you have Lysol on hand and are needing to clean some spots on your laminate floor, will it do?

You can use Lysol to clean laminate floors, but this product should be used for spot cleaning rather than large floor cleans. Simply spray the are you need cleaned with Lysol spray, wipe the area clean with a wet rag or towel, and the area should be as good as new when completed.

Can You Use Pledge to Clean Laminate Floors?

Shot of a man in a white shirt thinking

For many people, when they hear of the product Pledge, they think of the product used to dust wooden surfaces, however, this brand goes far beyond dusting products. There is a variety of different products offered by Pledge that work for a multitude of different cleaning needs. With that being known, is there a Pledge product that can clean laminate floors without having to use a wood cleaner that will leave people slipping and sliding on its surface?

You can use Pledge on your laminate floors, but be sure to have the multi purpose floor cleaner as your product of choice. There is a wood floor option available, which will work for laminate floors, but the multi purpose cleaner has a more powerful cleaning ability.

[This article and its contents are owned by Wabi Sabi Group and was first published on 05/11/2022.]

Can You Use Clorox to Clean Laminate Floors?

A upper shot of a pile of bleach

Clorox is a cleaning solution that has seemingly been around since the beginning of time, but it is one that is known for its sanitizing properties that keep surfaces clean and free of bacteria. Whether you are using Clorox to clean off door handles, work through dirty bathrooms, or clear countertops of meat residue, its cleaning abilities extend to just about any need. When it comes to laminate floors though, is this product safe to clean such a surface?

You can use Clorox to clean laminate floors, but there are specific products that are intended for such use. For example, the best Clorox product you can use to clean laminate floors are the Clorox disinfecting wet mopping cloths when attached to a proper wet mop.

Can You Use Baking Soda to Clean Laminate Floors?

A shot of baking soda falling on the floor

Many know that baking soda can be used for a variety of different purposes when it comes to cleaning the interior of microwaves, getting out tough stains, and deeply cleaning grout when made into a paste, among hundreds of other uses. For those wanting to clean laminate floors though, is baking soda tough enough to remove stains, but gentle enough to keep from pulling up the design of the flooring itself?

This content is owned by Wabi Sabi Group and was first published on May 11, 2022..

You can use baking soda to clean laminate floors, but it is most effective when combined with other cleaning agents such as white vinegar. Sprinkle baking soda on the floor and combine one cup of vinegar with a gallon of warm water, mix together, then clean the surface with a mop.

Can You Use Peroxide to Clean Laminate Floors?

A bottle of peroxide with different bottles and containers

Peroxide is a very mild antiseptic that can be found within most medicine cabinets, as this product is used primarily to keep infections at bay and clean out flesh wounds that need a bit more than water running over top of them. Although you may only consider peroxide to be an aid when small injuries, this product is more versatile than many know. For the cleaning needs of your laminate floors though, can peroxide be used to clean effectively?

You can use peroxide to clean laminate floors, but it should be combined with baking soda for best results. To employ this mixture, pour the peroxide into a spray bottle and spritz it all over the area needing to be cleaned. Once sprayed, sprinkle baking soda and scrub the area until clean.

How to Use These Cleaning Agents to Clean a Laminate Floor

A shot of cleaning agents on the floor

At this point, you know that laminate floors are durable, able to wear well over time, can withstand liquids without buckling or bubbling, and offer owners the ability to find the product they love to fit the exact budget they are working with. When it comes to caring for laminate floors, there are many different routes one can take to get their floor clean, but what is the best way to use these products effectively and efficiently?

The best way to use cleaning agents on a laminate floor is to ensure that the product is not toxic to the environment in which it is being used, is the right product for cleaning the mess that is at hand, and is not abrasive or penetrative enough to damage the surface of the floor.

This article was first published on May 11, 2022 by Wabi Sabi Group..

The various products you can use to clean a laminate floor include Clorox disinfecting wet mopping cloths, Fabuloso, Dawn, water, Mr. Clean, baking soda, peroxide, Windex, Grove, and alcohol. Some products should be combined with other substances to be most effective.

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