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What Can You Use To Clean Shower Glass?

I think that most people can appreciate the need for a clean home. One of the areas of the home that needs special attention is the shower and in particular, the glass doors.

The easiest way to clean glass shower doors is to spray them with white vinegar. A spray bottle full of white vinegar can be used and the glass should be thoroughly saturated. Allow the vinegar to sit on the glass for 10 minutes before using a sponge with baking soda to scrub it.

Female wearing latex gloves cleaning glass shower door

Vinegar is going to be your best friend when it comes to cleaning the bathroom and in particular, the shower doors. It can be used for everyday use as well as for use when spots and other issues have come up.

One of the reasons why it is so difficult to keep a shower clean is because it provides the perfect environment for the growth of mold. It can also happen in the shower doors and in particular, in the shower door tracks.

Cleaning your shower door glass may not be your favorite chore but when it is clean, it can be absolutely beautiful. Let’s consider some of the ways to clean glass doors as well as some of the pitfalls you may come across.

What Can You Use To Clean Shower Glass?

Female washing glass shower door with shower wand

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to cleaning glass shower doors is that maintenance is a priority. There will be times when you need to give it a more thorough cleaning and pay attention to some of the detail but cleaning it every day is going to make a difference.

Fortunately, daily cleaning of the shower glass does not mean that you have to scrub it with baking soda and vinegar. Simply using a squeegee after each shower and then wiping it with a towel at the end of the day will do wonders when it comes to keeping the glass crystal clear.

This is also something that requires the entire family to get on board. If one person skips the squeegee part and it just so happens that it stays on overnight, water spots can form, and then you have some problems.

Make sure that the shower doors are a priority when it comes to daily cleaning. A few moments at the end of the shower and again at the end of the day will help to keep things sparkling clean.

Something else that needs to be kept in mind is the shower door tracks. We are not going to cover them in great detail in this article, but they are an essential part of the overall operation and cleanliness of the glass doors.

There are a variety of products that can be used to keep the shower door tracks clean. Essentially, however, it’s a matter of periodic maintenance or perhaps even daily attention rather than getting in and scrubbing after things have been let go for an entire month.

The tracks are going to accumulate water and other factors that could lead to the formation of mold. Soap scum, dead skin cells, and other unmentionables can accumulate in the tracks and lead to those problems.

Take care of the tracks and they will ensure that your doors are working well and remain clean. With just a little work, your bathroom can be an area of the home you are proud of.

Let’s take a look at some of the different options we have available for cleaning glass shower doors. You might be surprised by what is available.

Can You Clean Shower Glass With Vinegar?

Modern glass shower stall

Vinegar is used for cleaning many items in the home. Can it also be used to clean glass shower doors?

A combination of dishwashing soap and white vinegar works wonders on glass shower doors. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and lightly mist the shower door. You can then use a soft sponge or cloth to wipe the door clean and dry. Be cautious that you don’t scratch the door with the wrong type of sponge.

Although vinegar is always going to be our favorite go-to for washing shower doors, it is certainly not the only option. There are going to be times when you need to use a lighter touch and there are also going to be times when you have to call out the big guns.

Don’t be afraid to use a commercial product for cleaning shower doors, although it is not the best option in comparison with vinegar. Commercial products can have a strong scent and it can overtake you in a small space. Vinegar has a strong smell but it will not likely cause lasting harm.

Can You Clean Shower Glass With Baking Soda?

Modern glass shower stall

Although baking soda can be used for cooking, it is typically used for cleaning. More than likely, you have a box in your refrigerator. Can it also be used to clean glass shower doors?

Glass shower doors are often cleaned with either a commercial cleaner or with a combination of white vinegar and dishwashing soap. If you need to scrub the door, then baking soda is an excellent choice. It is abrasive without being aggressive and the alkaline nature helps to reduce soap scum to nothing.

It’s always good to have baking soda around, especially when you are cleaning things as delicate as glass. You want to scrub things so that they come clean but you don’t want to do it so aggressively that you scratch the glass.

Baking soda provides what you need and you can easily dip a sponge into it so that you can scrub the glass after it has been saturated with water or vinegar. After you have completed the scrubbing process, you can then wash the baking soda away.

Can You Clean Shower Glass With CLR?

Modern glass shower stall

At times, you may find that a commercial product is best for cleaning your shower doors. Is CLR a good choice?

CLR is an ideal choice for cleaning the glass in your shower door but it should not be used for cleaning the frame or track. Make sure that you choose the Bathroom & Kitchen CLR for this option.

Some people find that CLR does wonders for cleaning the glass, especially when it has hard water stains. That being said, it can damage the aluminum frame or trim, so it is important to use caution when using this product.

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If you feel that you can clean the shower door effectively or if you only need to clean a small area of the glass, CLR may be a choice you want to consider.

Can You Clean Shower Glass With Lemon Juice?

Modern bathroom shower

If you are interested in trying a natural approach that will leave your bathroom smelling fresh, you may consider using lemon juice. Does it work well for shower doors?

Either straight lemon juice or lemon juice diluted with water can be put into a spray bottle and applied directly to the glass door. After waiting a few moments, you can then wipe the area with a dry cloth. If you have some hard water stains you want to remove, you can try removing them by cutting a lemon in half and wiping it on the glass.

Lemon is a type of cleaner that is often overlooked. It is natural, so it is environmentally friendly but it also smells fantastic.

Don’t overlook the possibility of using lemon when cleaning your bathroom and particularly, your glass shower doors.

Can You Clean Shower Glass With Dawn?

Modern bathroom shower

We trust Dawn dishwashing liquid for cleaning in the kitchen. Does it also work well in the bathroom?

A mixture of Dawn and water can be sprayed on the glass to clean it effectively. For an even better choice, try mixing vinegar and Dawn in a 1:1 ratio. Make sure that you continually shake the bottle while spraying the glass so that it doesn’t separate.

When you stop to think about it, Dawn dishwashing liquid is a good choice because we use it for cleaning the glasses that we drink out of. Naturally, it would be great for cleaning glass in general.

Some caution needs to be exercised, however, because you may find that it streaks a little if you use too much Dawn and too little water or vinegar. Make sure that you get the ratio right and adjust as necessary.

Can You Clean Shower Glass With Steam Cleaner?

Female washing glass shower door with shower wand

If you have access to a steam cleaner you might want to consider using it in the bathroom. Can it also be used for glass doors?

A steam cleaner is a great choice for cleaning glass shower doors that have been neglected for quite some time. It can cut through soap scum, grime, and hard water stains relatively easily. It is not necessarily the best choice for everyday cleaning, but for a deep clean, a steam cleaner is a good choice.

One of the benefits that are often overlooked from steam cleaning is the fact that it kills germs effectively. Since you are using hot water for cleaning, it will kill much of the bacteria and viruses that live in the area.

Can You Clean Shower Glass With Bleach?

Female cleaning glass shower door

Bleach is a common cleaner that is used around the home. Can you trust it for the shower doors?

You should not use bleach when cleaning shower doors. It may be able to tackle difficult stains in some areas, but for a buildup of minerals and grime, it is not going to cut it. In addition, you want to avoid breathing in too much bleach because it can damage the lungs.

If you are using bleach in the bathroom, it is important to be cautious about any other chemicals you are using. Mixing chemicals can be dangerous and in the case of bleach, it could potentially be deadly.

Can You Clean Shower Glass With WD40?

Modern bathroom shower

One of the unsung heroes for cleaning around the home is WD-40. It can be used in most areas, from the garage to the bathroom but can it be used on the shower doors?

If you want to remove soap scum, grime, and hard water stains, WD-40 is going to make short order of the work. It’s a quick way to clean glass shower doors that have been neglected. Simply spray the WD-40 on the glass shower door, wait 15 minutes, and wipe the glass with a clean cloth.

Although you wouldn’t want to use WD-40 for routine maintenance, it does a great job of cleaning the glass shower doors when the cleaning has gotten away from you.

Can You Clean Shower Glass With a Dishwasher Tablet?

Dishwasher tablets

If you ever thought about using dishwasher tablets for cleaning glass shower doors, this information is for you.

Dishwasher tablets make an effective cleanser for the shower and the glass shower doors, but they are by no means a miracle solution. After letting the dishwasher tablet dissolve in water, you will still need to scrub considerably to remove grime and soap scum.

If you don’t have anything else available, you can use a dishwasher tablet but I would suggest using something else. For routine maintenance, vinegar and lemon make an excellent choice. For difficult stains, I would either use a steam cleaner or WD-40.

Can You Clean Shower Glass With Windex?

Blue spray bottle

Are you thinking about using that bottle of Windex for cleaning your glass shower doors? You should read this first.

Windex is an effective window cleaner but not every type of glass or type of Windex can be used. For example, if you have a bottle of Windex with ammonia, it should not be used for cleaning shower doors because it can affect the film which may protect the shower doors in some cases. Make sure that the Windex you use is safe for shower doors.

If you do have a type of Windex that can be used for shower doors, it’s just a matter of spraying it on and wiping it off. It isn’t necessarily going to cut the heavy grime, but it is good for routine maintenance.

How To Properly Clean Shower Glass Doors/Walls

Female wiping glass shower door with cloth

When you are ready to clean your glass shower doors, it’s important to have a plan in place. With a little work, your glass doors can be looking new again.

To clean glass doors on a routine basis, use a spray bottle filled with white vinegar. Spray the glass until it is saturated and allow the vinegar to work on the hard water spots and soap scum for at least 10 minutes. You can then scrub the vinegar using a sponge soaked in water and sprinkled with baking soda.

This is the best way for cleaning shower doors on a monthly basis. It is not something that is going to be needed if you are just cleaning them every day or perhaps once a week.

Shower doors, as well as the rest of the shower area, are a rather unique part of the home. You need to ensure that you are caring for those areas properly so they are in tip-top shape.

The most important part about cleaning glass shower doors is making sure that they stay clean. If you allow water to dry on the glass in spots, you will see a reminder of those spots in the form of a stain.

Eventually, that stain could be harder and harder to remove and it might get to the point where you have to use the white vinegar and baking soda method. With some daily maintenance, however, the doors will stay sparkling.

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After every shower, make sure that the shower doors are wiped with a squeegee. You could also do the tile walls if you want to help protect them from mold growth as well. Make sure that everyone in the family is on board with this simple task.

At the end of the day when all showers are over, you should go in with a dry towel and wipe down the entire shower stall. This includes everything, from the glass doors to the floor.

If you keep the area dry, you are preventing the formation of mold. In order for mold to grow, you have to have the right items in place and that includes a food source and water. Remove the water and you remove the mold.

If your shower doors enclose the shower stall tightly, it is also a good idea to keep them open at night. When you go to wipe the shower down in the evening, let one of the doors open for at least an hour if not longer. That will help the area to dry out and prevent the formation of mildew.

Of course, the shower doors are only going to look as good as the rest of the bathroom. Make sure that you aren’t neglecting any part of that cleaning process because it will make a difference in how things look and how proud you are of that part of the home.

The easiest way to clean glass shower doors is to spray them with white vinegar. A light mist can be used to clean many of the hard water spots but you may need to saturate the door on occasion and then scrub it with a sponge sprinkled with baking powder. The combination works to keep the shower doors clean and free of spots.

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