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What Can You Use to Clean Toilets? – Part 2

A close up photo of a person cleaning the toilet

This article is a continuation on the topic of cleaning toilets. If you’re interested, check out my other article, “What Can You Use to Clean Toilets? – Part 1“.

In part 1, I cover different products and methods that are used to clean toilets. So if you don’t find a solution below in this article, feel free to read the other article.

Can You Use Kool-Aid to Clean Toilet?

A photo of a red juice drink with glass

Many toilet cleaners can help you remove tough-to-clean strains, but can a Kool-Aid accomplish this job? Mineral deposits often appear as rusty color streaks on the toilet bowl, which are very ugly to look at. Moreover, regardless of how hard you scrub them, stains like these don’t seem to come off. However, there might be a remedy to this problem as a kool-aid.

Kool-Aid can be used for toilet cleaning. This traditional children’s beverage is a powerful toilet cleaner because it’s rich in citric acid which is greatly effective at removing mineral deposits and hard water stains from your toilet bowl.

How to Use Kool-Aid to Clean Toilets

Kool-aid is a very affordable and efficient way of cleaning toilets. But to use Kool-Aid to get rid of rust stains, it’s important to follow the proper steps. 

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is to get the Kool-aid powder. You can use either the Lemon or Orange flavored Kool-aid powder since both contain enough amount of citric acid to get the work done.

Step 2: Pour the Kool-Aid powder into the toilet bowl and use a toilet brush to spread the power evenly across the toilet bowl. Ideally, do this before bedtime and allow it to sit overnight so that the Kool-Aid can run its magic.

Step 3: Lastly, flush the toilet after 7-8 hours. The rusty stains would have vanished by now, and you’ll instantly notice a huge difference in the toilet’s shine.

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Can You Use Scrubbing Bubbles to Clean Toilet

Scrubbing bubbles are a great cleaning tool to have in your house. They are a great way to clean your bathroom, leaving them sparkling clean and smelling nice. Read on to find out if scrubbing bubbles can clean the toilet!

Yes, scrubbing bubbles is a great way to clean and disinfect your toilet. All you need to do is apply it to your toilet bowl and wait for a few minutes before you start scrubbing. However, keep in mind that scrubbing bubbles can cause irritations on the skin if used in excess.

The scrubbing bubble cleaner works great for nearly every part of the toilet, including the rim and the exterior. However, I advise you to use safety gloves while using scrubbing bubbles as they can be harmful to your skin. 

Can You Use Soda Crystals to Clean Toilet?

Soda crystals have been used to clean garments for decades, so it’s no wonder they’re also known as ‘washing soda’. Soda crystals can aid in the removal of stains from most surfaces, but the question arises, is it just as useful in cleaning toilets?

Contrary to popular belief, Soda Crystals are not very great at removing tough stains. You can find better toilet cleaners. However, Soda Crystals will help keep your toilet smelling fresh and prevent it from blocking.

Can You Use Caustic Soda to Clean Toilet?

Caustic soda is used both in-home and industrial cleaning. It is great for clearing pipes and is commonly used as a drain cleaner. Would you be able to clean toilets using caustic soda?

Apart from being great at unclogging toilets, caustic soda can also clean toilets, as it contains sodium hydroxide. However, you need to be extra careful when using Caustic Soda and make sure it does not get on your skin.

Safety Precautions You Should Follow While Using Caustic Soda

Make sure that you’re wearing gloves while handling caustic soda. It is extremely corrosive and any exposure can damage your skin. Moreover, you should also make sure to wear some eye protection to ensure that the soda does not cause any irritation to your eye.

Because caustic soda is harmful to humans, make sure you keep children away from it. In case of any spillage make sure to carefully clean it up.

Can You Use Steel Wool to Clean Toilet?

A photo of a steel wool

Steel wools are mostly used for sanding purposes, polishing metal or wood. Let’s see if using steel wool is any good for cleaning toilets!

Do not use Steel Wools to clean toilets as they can leave scratches on your toilets. However, if you must, use a ball of 0000-grade steel wool with borax or vinegar as this combination is less likely to leave any scratches on your porcelain toilet.

Why Steel Wool Isn’t Ideal for Cleaning Porcelain Toilets

Using steel wool on your porcelain toilets will leave permanent scratches on the toilet and degrade its surface.

However, if you’re left with no option but to use steel wool, make sure it’s 0000-grade steel wool. This type of wool is most likely to not leave scratches on your toilet. Make sure you are using efficient cleaning products with it, such as vinegar or borax, for the best result.

Can You Use Fabuloso to Clean Toilet?

Photo of a man thinking

Fabuloso is a great cleaning solution that can perform a wide range of cleaning jobs around that house. It can effectively clean and disinfect the floor, bathroom, and even dirty pots and pans. Though using it to clean toilets is a different story.

Although you can use Fabuloso to clean the exterior of your toilet, it should never be used to clean your toilet tank or bowl. This is because Fabuloso is a non-biodegradable solution that can damage the septic system. Therefore, look for cleaners that are specifically designed for toilets.

Why Fabuloso Shouldn’t be Used for Cleaning Toilet Bowl

Applying Fabuloso on the exterior of the toilet will do a good job of disinfecting and cleaning it. But, if you pour Fabuloso into your toilet bowl, it can cause damage to the septic system.

The reason behind this is that the chemicals in Fabuloso, specifically sodium lauryl sulfate, can damage the enzymes in the septic system of your home. Moreover, since it’s not biodegradable, it ends up causing water pollution.

Therefore, you should look for other means to clean your toilets as they will perform a much better job without using such harmful chemicals.

Can You Use Ajax to Clean Toilet?

You might have heard of this powerful cleaning solution before. Ajax powder comprises calcium and sodium carbonates together with bleach which makes it very effective at removing soap scum and dirt from various surfaces. Is it just as effective in cleaning toilets?

Ajax is very much capable of cleaning toilets. It is an efficient cleaner and works just as well as a disinfectant. However, it is mildly abrasive and can damage the surface of a toilet bowl. Therefore, only use Ajax when you know the proper procedure.

How to Use Ajax to Clean Toilet

Ajax has abrasive properties and, therefore, must be used with care. The following step will teach you the proper method to use Ajax without damaging your toilet.

Step 1: Apply Ajax on the toilet bowl and under the rim of the toilet. Make sure you get into each crevice of the toilet so clean it effectively.

Step 2: Use a toilet brush and scrub Ajax on the inside of the bowl. Make sure that you scrub the stained areas properly for the best results. Also, don’t forget to scrub under the rim of the toilet, which is where most lime and rust deposits accumulate. 

Step 3: Make sure to rinse the areas where you applied Ajax after an hour. It may take you several attempts to get rid of the residue, so do it carefully and attentively! 

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Can You Use Polident to Clean Toilet?

Polident is an excellent product to have in your house since it is a great cleaner for a wide range of household objects. Not only is it non-abrasive, but it is also great at effectively removing tough stains on most surfaces. 

Polident can also be used to clean toilets. However, it might take a while for it to thoroughly cleanse your toilet. Moreover, these cleaning tablets also come in handy for unclogging toilets and drains if they’re used along with vinegar.

How to Clean Toilet Using Polident

To clean your toilet using Polident tablets, drop a couple of them in the toilet before you go to bed. They will eliminate excessive mineral deposits that are caused by hard water and freshen up your toilet. In the morning, scrub the toilet using a toilet brush.

This content is owned by Wabi Sabi Group and was first published on Jun 1, 2022..

You’ll notice an obvious difference in the toilet’s shine after you flush it. You can repeat this process the next night if necessary to thoroughly remove the tough stains on the toilet.

Can You Use Sponge to Clean Toilet?

Photo of a person with his gloves holding the sponge.

From cleaning dishes to wiping stains off your windows, we’ve all used sponges before. They’re easily available in every home and work astonishingly well for cleaning stains and grease marks from all surfaces if paired with a good cleaner. Although that doesn’t mean you should use them to clean your toilets.

Try not to use sponges to clean toilets. This is because it requires you to get very close to the surface of the toilet, which is something nobody wants. Instead, the more logical option is to use a toilet brush to clean your toilet.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Sponge To Clean Toilets

Firstly, sponges can house a lot of bacteria and germs due to their porous nature which can use illnesses. Moreover, nobody wants to reuse or even touch the same sponge that has been used to clean a toilet.

Another reason you don’t want to use a sponge to clean your toilet is that cleaning it requires you to get uncomfortably close to the toilet. Instead, you can use a high-quality toilet brush to get rid of stains on your toilet while maintaining a safe distance. 

However, If you’re looking for a closer alternative to using a sponge then you can buy a disinfectant wipe such as this one by Tub O’Towels.

Can You Use Efferdent to Clean Toilet?

Much like a Polident, an Efferdent is another version of a denture tablet. Efferdents are commonly used to remove mineral deposits from various objects, as well as for jewelry and vases. However, can you use it to clean toilets?

Efferdents are great at removing mineral deposits from your toilets. Moreover, they are safe and simple to use since all you have to do is drop a couple of tablets into warm water, pour the solution over the stains, and use a brush to scrub them away.

How to Use Efferdent to Clean Toilet

To clean your toilets using an Efferdent tablet all you need to do is to drop the tablets into warm water and mix it to create a solution. Then, you need to pour that solution into your toilet bowl, especially over the stains.

To get the optimum results, let the solution sit for at least 10-15 minutes. After that use a brush to scrub away the stains.

This article was first published on Jun 1, 2022 by Wabi Sabi Group..

If you want to unclog your toilet, Efferdents are a great way to go about it. For that, you will need to place at least 3 tablets into the boil and let them dissolve into the toilet water overnight.

Can You Use Washing up Liquid to Clean Toilet?

A photo of a dishwashing liquid with sponge

Also known more commonly as a dishwashing liquid, a washing-up liquid is commonly used to help in dishwashing. It is a thick detergent that, when combined with hot water, can get rid of stains on most surfaces. Let’s see if toilets are one of them!

You should not use washing-up liquid to clean toilets. According to experts, washing up liquid may end up severely damaging your septic system if it is flushed down the toilet. It can damage the ceramic or porcelain surface of your toilet. Instead, you should choose a product that is created only for toilet cleaning purposes.

Contrary to popular belief, the washing-up liquid can end up clogging your toilet. If you pour washing-up liquid into the tank of your toilet it may leave behind an excessive amount of bubbles that simply do not go away, despite flushing the tank multiple times. 

Can You Use Pine Sol to Clean Toilet?

Pine-sol is a multipurpose cleaner that can get rid of stains while leaving behind a fresh pine forest smell. It is commonly used to get rid of dirty grease marks with the help of a sponge. So how effective are they for cleaning toilets?

Pine-sol can get rid of minor stains from your toilet. Pine-sol will leave behind a great fragrance and give your toilet a shiny look. However, getting rid of a major stain requires a lot of effort since Pine-Sol is designed to work alongside a sponge, not a toilet brush.

How to Use Pine-Sol to Clean Toilet

Although cleaning a toilet with Pine-Sol is fairly straightforward, it’s sometimes difficult to get rid of the liquid detergent using a mere toilet brush. Instead, you can use a rag to clean the outer surface of the toilet.  

Make sure that you’re allowing the pine sol enough time to settle into the crevices of your toilet before cleaning it. Moreover, you should also rinse the toilet’s surface using clean water after you’re done scrubbing off the stains.

[This article and its contents are owned by Wabi Sabi Group and was first published on 06/01/2022.]

Can You Use Steam Cleaner to Clean Toilet?

A person holding a steam cleaner cleaning the floor

Steam cleaners are great for cleaning floors and bathrooms, but when it comes to cleaning toilets, you can run into some problems. 

Steam cleaners are not meant to clean toilets. They are specifically used to clean areas with a surface area that is larger than that of a toilet, such as a bathroom floor. You will also run into difficulties while cleaning the surface of the toilet using a steam cleaner.

An excellent alternative to a steam cleaner is a regular mop. Although they require more physical labor, regular mops allow you to get into the crevices of the toilet and get rid of the stains from places where a steam mop cannot reach. 

Can You Use Oven Cleaner to Clean Toilet?

A photo of a woman thinking

Do you have some spare oven cleaners lying around your house? Well, you can put it to multiple uses, including cleaning irons and bathtub rings. Can they be used to clean toilets as well?

Yes, oven cleaners can be used to clean toilets, particularly those yellowish rings that form underneath the rim. All you need apart from the oven cleaner is some clean water, a toilet brush, and some time. If used properly, Oven cleaners are used to leave your toilet spick and span.

How to Use Oven Cleaner to Clean Toilet

Oven cleaner is especially useful for getting rid of those ugly yellow stains you often find underneath the toilet seat. To remove them, just apply the oven cleaner to the stained areas and let the solution sit for 20 minutes.

Once that time has passed, grab an efficient scrubbing brush and scrub the stains off. As you scrub along, you’ll notice the stains disappearing, leaving behind a gleaming surface. Once you are done scrubbing make sure to properly rinse off the oven cleaner.

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