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What Can You Use To Clean Vinyl Plank Flooring?

If you have vinyl plank flooring in your home, you really made an excellent choice. It is beautiful, durable, and it is easily used by the entire family.

When it comes to cleaning vinyl plank flooring, however, there are different opinions. What is the best choice?

The best way to wash vinyl plank flooring is to use some white vinegar or apple cider vinegar in a gallon filled with hot water. A slightly damp mop can be used to mop the planks and clean up much of the dirt and stains that have been left behind by others.

Top view of floor cleaning supplies

It is important to understand that there are good things to use for cleaning vinyl plank flooring that there are bad things to use. If you use the right products, it will clean your floor and your floor will last for many years.

On the other hand, if you use the wrong product, it can damage the floor quickly and you will not love it quite as much as you did before.

What Can You Use To Clean Vinyl Plank Flooring?

One of the first things to understand about vinyl plank flooring is the way that it is made. Many people consider it to be vinyl through and through but in fact, there are four layers that make up most traditional vinyl plank floors.

On the top, which is the part that you see, is a wear-resistant layer. You don’t actually see it because it is transparent but it is a coating on top of the vinyl that helps to resist stains and scratches.

Directly underneath the wear-resistant layer is a decoration layer. It was printed with a digital image that makes it appear as if it is wood or stone or any other design that you chose. That is what makes vinyl flooring so appealing.

Underneath the printed decoration layer, which is relatively thin, is a vinyl core. This is a flexible layer of vinyl that makes up about 90% of the entire thickness. The core itself is also water-resistant, which is another benefit of the vinyl floor that makes it much easier to clean.

Finally, you are provided with a little more water resistance in the backing layer. It is the layer on the bottom that helps to protect the floor from underneath so that mold and mildew don’t grow.

The fact that you have a vinyl floor makes it a lot easier to clean than other types of floor, such as laminate. Either look very similar to each other, but laminate is much more easily damaged.

One other thing that needs to be considered with your vinyl plank flooring is waxing the floor. The layer on the top of the floor provides the look of a waxed floor so adding additional wax is not going to be needed.

In older commercial vinyl tile floors, such as the ones you see in grocery stores, a layer of wax is added and it is continually maintained. Adding wax on top of your vinyl plank flooring, however, is just going to ruin it.

Eventually, you may find that the vinyl plank flooring has lost some of its shine. This is typically due to either old age or the fact that it was somehow abused, usually in the way that it was cleaned.

If the vinyl in your home has lost some of its shine, you may be able to bring it back by simply washing the floor on a regular basis using a dish detergent. Otherwise, there is not much you can do unless you want to maintain a layer of wax on the floor regularly using a high-speed buffer.

Can You Use Steam Mop On Vinyl Plank Floors?

Close up view of steam mop cleaning floors

Many people choose a vinyl plank floor because it is virtually indestructible. That being said, you also need to be cautious with what you use to clean it.

You should never use a steam mop to clean any vinyl surface, including a vinyl plank floor. The top layer of the floor, which is very thin and transparent, can be damaged by the high temperature of the steam. It is much better to simply wash it with hot water and a lightly damp mop.

Steam may seem like a good idea because it reaches such a high temperature that it can destroy much of the bacteria and mold that are on the floor. In essence, however, you are also destroying the top layer of the floor and that can get rid of its natural shine.

Always protect your vinyl plank floor to the greatest extent possible, and this would include never using a high temperature steam cleaner.

Can You Use Swiffer Wetjet On Vinyl Plank Floors?

Cleaning vinyl floor with mop

Have you been considering using a Swiffer WetJet on your vinyl plank flooring? Is it really a good idea to do so?

Many commercial products are made specifically for cleaning a vinyl plank floor, including the Swiffer WetJet. As long as you use the particular style that is made for vinyl, it will do a great job. In fact, you may find it is one of the more convenient options for keeping your floor clean regularly.

Although you can certainly use a Swiffer, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can use just any similar product. Swiffer is a well-known brand name and they make products that are specific for a vinyl plank floor.

If you are trying to save a little bit of money by using an off brand, you may end up regretting it in the long run. Spend a little extra and use what you can trust.

Can You Use Vacuum On Vinyl Plank Floors?

Vacuuming vinyl floor

Is it possible to just vacuum a vinyl plank floor or should you use some other method to keep it clean?

As long as you are using just a standard vacuum on your vinyl plank floor, there is no reason to worry. Using the carpet brush that goes with the vacuum can damage the floor over time, but simply vacuuming the floor to suck up the dirt and debris is not going to be a problem. In fact, it is preferred if you do so regularly.

As you will see, it is not only possible to use a regular vacuum but you may want to use other types of vacuums, including those that are automatic.

If any dust or debris is left on the floor for an extended amount of time, it can grind into the upper layer and cause very small scratches. Those scratches will end up making the appearance of the floor look very dull.

Can You Use Roomba/Robot Mop On Vinyl Plank Floors?

Roomba cleaning vinyl floor

If you have a Roomba or any type of robot mop, is it something that can be used on a vinyl plank floor?

Robotic mops and vacuum cleaners are very popular. They can also be used easily on a vinyl plank floor and will keep it clean. In fact, it’s a good idea to use them regularly because they will help to maintain the floor so that you don’t have to wash them quite so often.

People become so attached to their robotic vacuums and mops that they even name them. When they start running around the house, it’s a point of conversation for the entire family.

They are more than just a gimmick, however, they really do make a difference in the cleanliness of the home. Most people are surprised with how much they can pick up off of the floor each and every time they run.

Since they are removing a lot of the dirt and debris, even small pieces, they will help to extend the life of your vinyl plank flooring indefinitely.

Can You Use Bissell Crosswave On Vinyl Plank Floors?

Cleaning vinyl floor with mop

If you have a Bissell CrossWave, can you use it on a vinyl plank floor?

There are many different commercial cleaning tools that can be used effectively on vinyl plank flooring. This includes the Bissell CrossWave, which was made specifically for that purpose. It can dry clean the floor as well as wet clean, so it’s a great tool to have around.

One of the problems that many people have with vinyl plank flooring is having the right tool to keep it clean. They may constantly switch from one tool to another, choosing the least expensive option they can find.

If you were to buy a Bissell CrossWave, however, you would find that it will work for a very long time on your vinyl plank floor. It will help to keep it clean, both when cleaning it dry and when wet cleaning it.

Can You Use Mr. Clean On Vinyl Plank Floors?

Cleaning container bottles

One of the many cleaning products that we use around the home is Mr. clean. Is this also a good choice for vinyl plank floors?

Mr. Clean can safely be used on vinyl plank floors but ensure that you are using the right product for the job. For example, using a Mr. Clean Magic eraser squeeze mop is going to clean the floor nicely. On the other hand, too much Mr. Clean in a bucket of water could end up damaging the floor over time.

You will have a hard time finding a product as well known and trustworthy as Mr. Clean. If you are looking for something to keep your vinyl floors looking their best, it’s a choice that should not be overlooked.

Can You Use Bona On Vinyl Plank Floors?

Cleaning vinyl floor with mop

Are you looking into commercial products for cleaning vinyl plank floors? Bona is one of those products.

Bona makes a number of cleaning products for the home, including one that can be used for vinyl plank flooring. It’s a product that can help to clean vinyl as well as other hard surfaces in the home. It’s a safe choice that can help to keep your vinyl beautiful while at the same time, making it last for a long time.

Commercial products can do a great job cleaning your vinyl floor. Most people tend to use something natural when they can but a small amount of commercial cleaner, such as Bona, goes a long way.

In addition, these commercial cleaners sometimes have ingredients that help to maintain the floor along with keeping it clean. Keep that in mind when making your choice.

Can You Use Ammonia On Vinyl Plank Floors?

Woman on knees scrubbing clean vinyl floor

I’m sure that you realize how often ammonia is used around the home. Can it also be used on a vinyl floor?

Ammonia should never be used on vinyl plank flooring. The highly acidic nature of the ammonia will break down the top layer of the floor and make it lose its shine very quickly. It can also damage the floor badly enough that it would cause cracks to appear.

Even using a little bit of ammonia in water can make a difference and is unacceptable for cleaning vinyl plank flooring. Use another product, such as vinegar or a commercial product that was made specifically for that purpose.

Can You Use Simple Green On Vinyl Plank Floors?

Top view of cleaning bottles

If you have some Simple Green, can you use it to clean your vinyl floor?

Simple Green is an excellent neutral cleaner that can be used for cleaning vinyl plank flooring. You can mix 1/2 cup of Simple Green into a gallon of water and lightly mop the floor without getting it over wet.

Simple Green is also a choice that can be used for scrubbing the floor more deeply. If it has been a while since your vinyl floor has been cleaned, you can use a medium bristle brush with a Simple Green solution to clean the floor effectively.

Can You Use Quick Shine On Vinyl Plank Floors?

Cleaning spray bottle on floor

Is Quick Shine a good choice for cleaning vinyl plank floors?

Quick Shine makes a number of surface cleaners, including one that is specific for cleaning vinyl flooring. As long as you choose the multi-surface floor finish and cleaner, you can use it on vinyl and many other floor surfaces in the home.

Although we would always recommend vinegar and water for cleaning vinyl plank, there are times when you want to use a commercial cleaner. Quick Shine is a good choice.

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How To Clean Vinyl Planks Properly

Bucket and mop against white wall

One of the best things you can do to keep your vinyl plank flooring beautiful for a long time is to wash it properly. This isn’t as difficult as it may seem.

The best type of product for cleaning vinyl plank flooring is white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. You can put a cup of vinegar in a gallon of hot water and then mop the floor with a slightly damp mop. It will pick up a lot of the dirt and grime that has been left behind by everyday use.

You can clean the floor on a regular basis but it’s also a good idea to vacuum it regularly as well. Either a vacuum or a dry mop can be used to remove much of the surface dirt which can be problematic.

In fact, you may find that it isn’t necessary to wash the floor all that often if you just give it some daily maintenance. A simple cordless vacuum or a dry mop every day or two is the perfect option for making sure that the dust and debris don’t build up in the area.

Another benefit of dry mopping or vacuuming the floor regularly is that you are protecting the top layer. That layer is very thin and it is transparent, but if there is dirt or dust on the floor, it can easily scratch it.

This article was first published on Apr 27, 2022 by Wabi Sabi Group..

Those tiny scratches can make the entire floor appear dull, which is typically why it looks worse in the high-traffic areas.

When it comes time to wash the floor, there are going to be two different things that you are doing. The first thing that you would do is to scrub the floor and that is going to remove the stains.

You could scrub a vinyl floor with a soft nylon brush. You might also simply use the more abrasive end of the wet mop, as long as you aren’t scrubbing it so hard that you are damaging it.

Finally, use the wet mop to completely clean all of the vinyl flooring. Work in the same direction as the vinyl planks so that you are getting down into the little cracks and grooves.

If you make this a regular maintenance routine, you would find that the floor is going to last you for many years. It is also going to look very beautiful, so it’s a part of your home you can be proud of.

The best thing to use for cleaning a vinyl floor is vinegar. 1 cup of white vinegar in a gallon of hot water is going to be all that you really need to wash the floor regularly. You should also vacuum the floor or run a dust mop over it daily so that you don’t have to wash it quite so often.

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