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What Can You Use to Clean Your Stove?

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Whether you find yourself cooking once a year, once a month, once a week, or multiple times a day, there is inevitably going to be a time when your stove gets used and thus, will need to be cleaned. When it comes to cleaning a stove, what are the various products that can be used?

The various products that can be used to clean a stove include baking soda combined with vinegar, vinegar, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide combined with baking soda, lemon, Dawn dish soap, Norwex Cleaning paste, and shaving cream. Be sure to avoid products like bleach and Windex.

Stoves are the place where roasted turkeys come out juicy and tender, where a secret macaroni and cheese recipe is goldened to perfection, and where trial and error are played out for new recipes that push the barriers of traditional cooking, but this all typically ends with an oven that has food residue built up over time. This is a natural occurrence, especially for those using their stoves often, but when it comes to cleaning, what can be used to get the job done effectively?

What Can You Use to Clean Your Stove?

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Stoves see the best and worst of times when it comes to cooking and baking, dealing with burnt pizzas, smoking bacon, cakes baked to perfection, tender racks of lambs, fatty splashes, and the overrunning of pies when the crust was just a tad too filled. This is an inevitable outcome of cooking, but your stove shouldn’t remain in a state of grime build-up. To see what you can use to clean your stove effectively, continue reading below.

The various products that can be used to clean a stove include baking soda combined with vinegar, vinegar, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide combined with baking soda, lemon, Dawn dish soap, Norwex Cleaning paste, and shaving cream. Be sure to avoid products like bleach and Windex.

Can You Use Baking Soda to Clean Your Stove?

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Baking soda is an incredibly useful product that can be used for keeping areas and food fresh, adding to baking recipes, and even dissolving dirt due to it being a mild alkali. Even better, baking soda can typically be found on hand no matter what kind of cook you are, as this product is used for a multitude of different purposes. When it comes to cleaning your stove, can baking soda be used or should this product stay out of the interior of your appliance?

Baking soda can be used to clean your stove, but it should be combined with vinegar to effectively degrease the surface. To clean a stove with baking soda, sprinkle the area with baking soda, spritz vinegar over the top, allow it to sit for a few minutes, then wipe clean with a soft sponge.

Can You Use Vinegar to Clean Your Stove?

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Vinegar is great for adding a bit of tartness to a cucumber salad, works to amplify the flavor of soft-boiled eggs, and is the end all be all when it comes to making homemade dressing. Even more than this though, the acidity of vinegar does not only satisfy taste buds, but works hard when it comes to getting surfaces squeaky clean. If you are looking to clean your stove, is there a way to incorporate vinegar to get the surface noticeably clean?

Vinegar can be used to clean your stove by combining two parts water and one part vinegar to a spray bottle and gently swirling to mingle the two components together. Once the mixture has infused, spray the vinegar on your stove and allow it to for a few minutes before wiping clean.

Can You Use Ammonia to Clean Your Stove?

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If you are someone who is constantly using their stove or someone who tends to cook on the messier side, you may notice that your appliance is in need of a clean that will penetrate the grime built up in a very deep way. When this is the case, you need highly irritating products that can cut through residue, such as ammonia. For those needing a deep clean of their stove, read below to see how ammonia can be used to clean safely and effectively.

To use ammonia to clean your stove, heat the oven to 150 degrees Fahrenheit and turn it off. Place a pot of water on the bottom rack and a cup of ammonia on the top rack overnight. Remove both the next morning, add a teaspoon of dish soap to the ammonia as well as warm water, then scrub clean.

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It should be noted that ammonia is a very potent chemical and can easily be replaced by a natural and just as effective solution for cleaning. Ammonia should only be used on the interior of a stove and never on any glass, as this product can easily scratch surfaces. Also, keep in mind that some manufacturers void any warranties if damage occurs when ammonia has been used to clean.

Can You Use Bleach to Clean Your Stove?

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When cleaning a stove, the first thing owners need to consider is whether or not the product they are using is safe around an environment that constantly has food coming in and out. Even if you wipe away every visible sign of a cleaning product, fumes and small particles are still left behind and when heated, are able to enter into food quite easily. Therefore, when it comes to cleaning your stove, can bleach be used or is this product best to be avoided?

Bleach is not a food safe product and should thus, not be used to clean a stove. Bleach is not intended to degrease an area, but is more for disinfecting, so even if this product is used to clean a stove, it will not do so in a very effective way as cutting grease and grime is not its strong suit.

Can You Use Windex to Clean Your Stove?

Woman cleaning the stove with a cleaner

Windex is a glass cleaning product that can cut through smudges and residue within a few seconds which may be why some individuals with a glass stove top may be inclined to use such a product to clean the area. When it comes to effective and safe chemicals though, you must be careful what is being used on areas that are frequently exposed to food. For those of you looking to potentially use Windex on a stove, is it safe?

You should not use Windex to clean your stove, especially if you have a glass stovetop. Windex contains ammonia which should never be used on glass as it can cause the surface to scratch. Windex is also not made to degrease surfaces, making it ineffective for cleaning the interior.

Can You Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Clean Your Stove?

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Most know of the disinfecting properties hydrogen peroxide offers when you have a bad cut or scrape and need to get dirt out quickly or when an infected area needs assistance healing and cleaning. Although this is typically a product you can find in people’s medicine cabinets, hydrogen peroxide is a sanitizing and disinfecting product, bringing it into the discussion when searching for products that can clean a stove.

You can use hydrogen peroxide to clean a stove, but it should be combined with an abrasive substance like baking soda. Combine two parts baking soda and one part hydrogen peroxide until a paste is formed, allow it to sit on the stove, then scrub clean with a sponge.

Can You Use Lemon Juice to Clean Your Stove?

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We know that lemon goes great in a fresh cup of tea, is ideal for adding a bit of acidity to a savory dish, and is even great for adding color to a spring centerpiece, but even more than this, lemon can be used to break apart serious grease and grime due to the level of acidity within this fruit. Not only can lemon clean well, but it leaves a light and fresh scent in its wake after being used, bringing to question whether or not this fruit can be used to clean stoves.

You can use lemon juice to clean your stove, as the acidity of the lemon will cut through grease and grime and effectively sanitize the area as well. For the most simplistic method, squeeze a lemon onto the surface of your stovetop, allow it to sit, then wipe away with warm water.

Can You Use Dawn Dish Soap to Clean Your Stove?

Woman cleaning the stove with the dishwashing liquid on the background

Dawn dish soap is a household name and for good reason: this product is potent, effective, and takes the elbow grease out of having to clean tough dishes, messes, surfaces, and appliances. Dawn is designed to degrease items and surfaces and we know that it works well for caked on pans and dishes, but when it comes to cleaning the stove, you may be a bit more hesitant. If you have Dawn dish soap readily available, can this product be used to clean your stove?

You can use Dawn dish soap to clean your stove, as this product is decided to work as a degreaser. Either use the power wash spray to cover the surface or combine the concentrated soap with water and mix before spraying. Allow the product to sit before wiping away.

Can You Use Norwex Cleaning Paste to Clean Your Stove?

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Norwex cleaning paste is a concentrated solution that is environmentally friendly, making this product one that is also capable of working in a slew of different areas well. You may not be someone who has Norwex cleaning paste constantly on hand, but if you find that a tough baked on area needs to be cleaned deeply on your stove, using this product is effective and easy, but what should the cleaning process look like?

You can use Norwex cleaning paste to clean your stove by wetting a cloth with warm water and running the cloth over the surface of the paste. Once the paste is on the cloth, scrub the area you intend to clean and once completely clean, wipe over once more with a wet cloth to remove any residue.

Can You Use Shaving Cream to Clean Your Stove?

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Shaving cream is a product typically found in the bathroom, used to keep skin soft and irritated when shaving, had at bathtime for little hands to play and draw in, and can even be used to alleviate the pain of a bad sunburn. However, when it comes to cleaning your stove, should this product enter not only into your kitchen, but into the area in which you cook food for you, your friends, and your family? Read on to see if this is something you can use for cleaning.

You can use shaving cream to clean your stove, as this product is high in potassium and works to break apart grease and grime easily. Allow the shaving cream to sit and saturate and once done, remove the cream with either a warm brush or rag, then wipe the surface once more with a clean warm rag.

Can You Use Clorox Wipes to Clean Your Stove?

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Clorox Wipes are one item that helps to keep many households spic and span through their versatile uses and disinfectant abilities without the use of bleach. Clorox wipes are known to be able to cut through messes and leave the area free of germs or viruses, but when it comes to your stove, are these wipes safe to use? To see if Clorox wipes are safe and effective to clean your stove, continue reading below.

You can use Clorox wipes to clean your stove, but be sure the stove is completely cool and once you have cleaned the surface of the stove, wipe the area once more with a warm lean cloth. This will remove residue left from the wipes and prevent chemicals from expelling when the stove is turned on.

Can You Use WD40 to Clean Your Stove?

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WD40 is widely used to give motion to objects that are seemingly immoveable, get rid of squeaking joints, or keep doors from creaking when opening and closing. This product is designed as a lubricant and is a petro-chemical in the area of solvents which is capable of getting rid of grease but will also leave a lingering stench. If you have serious grime on your stove, can you use WD40 to remove it?

WD40 can be used to clean a stove, but it is not advised. This product is designed to lubricate and with all the chemicals added to enable this action, it is not safe to use it in large quantities within or on top of your stove. Try using a more natural cleaner to degunk difficult areas.

Can You Use Magic Eraser to Clean Your Stove?

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The Magic Eraser is one product that really changed the scene of household cleaners, as this product is able to cut through just about any stain or stuck on grime with a few dabs and scrubs. Whether you are dealing with permanent marker, have a floor scuff that won’t seem to come up, or even need a red strawberry stain removed from the surface of your counters, Magic Erasers can do the trick, but are they ok to use when it comes to cleaning a stove?

Magic Erases can be used to clean your stove, as this product is designed to easily cut through grease. Simply wet the magic eraser, dispel large amounts of water left within the sponge, then scrub the areas that need cleaning. Once done, wipe with a warm clean cloth.

Can You Use Lysol to Clean Your Stove?

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Lysol has a wide range of various cleaning products that work for disinfecting, cleaning bathrooms, and getting around the stains and spills that occur even in the kitchen. This household name is known due to the effectiveness of its products, but also the wide range of different products to fit every need. For those looking to clean their stove with Lysol, can you do so safely and if so, which product should you be using?

You can clean your stove with Lysol, but be sure you are using the appropriate product for the task. For cleaning a stove, the Power Kitchen Cleaner is a great option to spray on, allow to soak, and wipe clean once it has saturated enough.

How to Clean Stove Properly

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Every household is going to have a different practical method in which they get their stoves clean and ready to go for the next cooking session and although there is a certain formula that makes cleaning a bit easier, the key to getting a stove spic and span is the products you use to get the job done. For those of you looking to clean your stove in a safe and effective way, read on to see how this can be done.

To clean a stove properly, allow a natural product (such as vinegar and baking soda) to sit and soak the areas needing to be cleaned. Once the solution has saturated long enough, use a sponge or soft brush to remove grease from the stove then wipe the remaining product away with a warm cloth.

The various products that can be used to clean a stove include baking soda, lemon juice, Clorox wipes, Magic Erasers, Lysol Power Kitchen Cleaner, Dawn dish soap, and vinegar. Avoid products like bleach, WD40, and Windex, as these possess chemicals that can be harmful.

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