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What Tool Can You Use To Clean Hardwood Floors?

Most of us are very proud of our hardwood floors. They are the centerpiece of our home so we want to keep them clean. How do we do so properly?

The best tool for cleaning a hardwood floor is a broom and dust mop. You should be dry sweeping or dry mopping the floor every day as it will help to keep the dirt and particles that can accumulate due to everyday use. Keeping dirt off the floor will keep it from grinding into the finish and dulling the look.

Hand using microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe hardwood floor

When we have hardwood floors, we want to make sure that they last for many years. We also want to ensure that they keep that beautiful shine that they had at first. Routine maintenance and the proper tools will accomplish this.

We will take a look at some of the different tools that can be used to clean your hardwood floor as well as why it is important to make good choices, even in the general tools that we use. We will also consider some of the things that could damage your hardwood floor if you’re not careful.

What Tool Can You Use To Clean Hardwood Floors?

The common tools you will use for cleaning your hardwood floors should not be underestimated. Here are a few of those items that you should always have on hand.

1. Broom – A good broom is imperative but it is more than simply choosing one to sweep the floor. You need to choose the proper broom that has soft bristles and will collect hair and dust as you are sweeping. This will keep you from chasing the dirt around the floor unnecessarily.

2. Dustpan – It is true that any type of dust pan will work well for picking up dirt, but if you get one with a handle, you will not have to bend over quite so frequently. That type of dustpan also sometimes comes combined with a high-quality soft-bristled broom.

3. Dust Mop – Although you may sweep the floor regularly, you will find it is much easier to dust mop. More than likely, you will want to have more than one type of dust mop, depending on what you are trying to accomplish.

A small dust mop can easily take care of the well-traveled areas and is a good idea to use on a daily basis. It will pick up dirt effectively and you can go outside to shake it and clean it.

A larger dust mop should be pushed through the room every few days. It picks up even more dirt than the smaller dust mop and it also has the benefit of reaching under furniture easily.

4. Microfiber – If you really want to keep your floor clean and reduce the number of times you have to wash it, you can include a microfiber towel in your cleaning regimen.

Microfiber accomplishes much of what a dust mop accomplishes, but it does so to an even greater degree. It will do more than simply push the dirt around, it will attract the dirt and capture it, even from within grooves.

If you really want to keep your hardwood floors looking their best, you should dust mop the floor daily and then run a microfiber towel over it after you have already dusted it. Try it once and you will be shocked at how much you are able to pick up.

Those tools are used for daily cleaning. Other tools will be used for a deeper clean, but that will not be necessary very often if you continue to clean the floor daily.

You should also choose the tools that are of the highest quality. Most people tend to purchase cleaning items that are as cheap as possible. It may save you money at the store, but it will cost you sooner or later.

With high-quality tools available, you will find that cleaning the floor is a pleasure.

Before we talk about some of the specific tools that are used for a deeper clean, let’s consider some of the different things that can damage hardwood floors. Here are a few to consider:

1. Moisture – Although you can mop a hardwood floor that is engineered and sealed, you should not allow any water to stand on the floor for any length of time. If moisture gets into the floor, it will swell and cause problems. You may even ruin it.

2. Rugs – Although having a rug or carpet remnant down is perfectly fine, you do need to be choosy when it comes to the backing. If you use any type of rubberized or latex backing, it will likely damage the floor. It does so by keeping moisture from naturally wicking away and trapping it in the area. It will not take long before the floor under the rug is ruined.

3. Temperature – Heat is probably the most damaging thing to a hardwood floor, outside of moisture. Fluctuating between hot and cold can also make a difference. It will cause the wood to swell and contract, leading to damage that can manifest itself over time. It is best if you keep the temperature at an even level as much as possible.

4. High Heels – Although there are many things that could damage your hardwood floor, high heels are at or near the top spot. If you wear heels frequently, wait until you are stepping out to put them on.

5. Nails – If you have a dog, make sure that you keep their nails trimmed. Long nails will scratch the floor, especially if they are doing zoomies.

6. Furniture Pads – You would think that furniture pads were there to protect the floor but in reality, they can damage your hardwood floor quickly.

Let’s consider some of the different tools we have at our disposal to keep our hardwood floors looking as good as new.

Can You Use Steam Cleaner To Clean Hardwood Floors?

Clean and shiny hardwood floor

If you have a steam cleaner, can you use it for your hardwood floor? Make sure you read this before trying.

Moisture is the enemy of your hardwood floor so a steam cleaner is better avoided in most cases. The only option for using a steam cleaner is to use it on a floor that is fully sealed and even then, you should not use it on a regular basis.

Generally speaking, a steam cleaner is used for deeper cleaning. If you are maintaining your floor by sweeping it daily, it will not be necessary for you to do a deep cleaning on the floor in most cases.

If you feel that the floor would benefit from a deeper clean, you may be able to use the steam cleaner on occasion. Just make sure that the floor is sealed, because a raw or porous floor will soak up the moisture from the steam and could easily become damaged.

Can You Use Steam Mop To Clean Hardwood Floors?

Steam mop on hardwood floor

A steam mop is another option that some homeowners consider using. Can you clean your hardwood floor with a steam mop?

As long as the floor is fully sealed, you can use a steam mop on occasion to deep clean and sanitized the hardwood floor. It should not be used regularly because it will introduce moisture to the area and could cause swelling in the hardwood. It should only be used occasionally and if the floor is sealed.

I’ll be the first one to admit that steam mops are very convenient. They deep clean the area and help to sanitize along with making it look as clean as possible.

Although that is true, you would not want to damage your hardwood floors just for the convenience of using a tool that will save you a few minutes.

Can You Use Wet/Sponge/Damp Mop To Clean Hardwood Floors?

Sponge, spray bottle and mop on hardwood floor

Is it okay to clean a hardwood floor using a wet mop or sponge mop? Make sure you read this before trying.

A wet mop or sponge mop can be used for a fully sealed hardwood floor if you wring out as much water as possible. If you use a wet mop on a hardwood floor that is not sealed or if you let too much water stand on the floor, it will get into the void and cause it to swell. This can lead to irrevocable damage.

If you must wet mop a hardwood floor, which sometimes is needed, there are a couple of options that you may want to consider. First of all, if you can wring the mop out until it is almost dry, you may be able to use it without damaging the floor in the process.

A better option is to get down on your hands and knees and wipe down the hardwood floor by hand. This is going to take more time, but you will have more control over the process and can keep the floor relatively dry to avoid damage.

Can You Use Carpet Cleaner To Clean Hardwood Floors?

Male holding bucket filled with cleaning supplies

If you have a carpet cleaner or if you have rented one, can you also use it for cleaning the hardwood floor?

You should not use a standard carpet cleaner on a hardwood floor. They spray a lot of water, and the vacuum will not pick up as much water as is needed to keep the floor from swelling. There are some carpet cleaners that have settings to use on hardwood floors, but even those should be used with caution.

For the most part, you should avoid using water when cleaning a hardwood floor. It is necessary at times, and if the floor is fully sealed, it can be done but moisture will destroy the hardwood floor very quickly.

Using a standard carpet cleaner is a very bad idea for any type of hardwood floor. If you have a cleaner that has a proper setting, you may be able to use it if the floor is fully sealed. Otherwise, it’s an option that is better avoided.

Can You Use Swiffer To Clean Hardwood Floors?

Sweep cleaning hardwood floors

Swiffer products are often used on floors around the home but are they a good choice for hardwood?

You can use a Swiffer to dry mop a hardwood floor and it does a great job at picking up many of the small pieces of dirt that may be in the area. Swiffers tend to attract dirt using static electricity, so you can use them for that purpose.

If you have a wet Swiffer, however, that is not necessarily going to be the best choice for your hardwood floor. Some of them can be used and there are even some that are made specifically for that purpose, but you need to know the type of floor you have before using them.

Never use a product that sprays water on a hardwood floor unless your hardwood floor is completely sealed.

Can You Use Vacuum To Clean Hardwood Floors?

Vacuuming dirt off hardwood floor

Sometimes you may just want to vacuum your hardwood floor and get it over with. Is it a good idea?

You can use any vacuum cleaner to clean hardwood floors, but you should be cautious when using one that scrubs the floor with a beater brush. More than likely, you can turn the brush off and simply use the vacuum option to pick up much of the dirt and debris that may be on the floor.

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Using the brush can be harmful to the hardwood because it will wear down the surface and it can scratch the surface with some of the dirt that may be in the area. Using the vacuum only without the brush is a good idea for the most often used parts of the floor as well as under the furniture.

Can You Use Broom To Clean Hardwood Floors?

A red broom sweeping dirt off hardwood floor

Should you just sweep your hardwood floor using a broom?

You can use a broom on a hardwood floor and it does an excellent job of picking up dirt and debris. It is a good idea to choose a broom that has soft bristles that gather hair and dust as it moves along. This will reduce any scratches that may occur and will keep you from chasing dust around the floor as you are sweeping.

A broom is an excellent choice for cleaning a hardwood floor daily. An even better choice is using a dry dust mop because it picks up more debris and does a better job without causing any damage to the floor.

Can You Use Scrub Brush To Clean Hardwood Floors?

Close up view of scrub brush and sponge

If you have a dirty hardwood floor, can you use a scrub brush to clean it?

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You can use a scrub brush along with a mixture of water, dishwashing detergent, and baking soda to clean a difficult soiled area on the hardwood floor. You would want to keep the solution as dry as possible and use a soft-bristled scrub brush so you don’t scratch the surface.

Sometimes, you may find that it is best just to use a scrub brush without any moisture and it will loosen the dirt and allow it to be swept away. For stains, a scrub brush may be the best option but you need to be cautious you don’t damage the floor in the process.

How To Clean Hardwood Floors Properly With The Best Tool?

Assportment of cleaning supplies

We want to ensure that our hardwood floors are as clean as possible. This begins by choosing the proper tool.

A routine sweeping or dusting of the floor is imperative to keep it clean. Choosing the proper dust mop is the first step in making sure that it is done in the best way possible. This would include choosing a high-quality dust mop that is attached to a sturdy handle. Otherwise, you will not be able to reach easily into out-of-the-way areas.

The unfortunate reality for many homes is that the cheapest cleaning products are purchased. We tend to buy them when they are on sale and we don’t necessarily look for the best product, we end up going bargain shopping.

This can really have an impact on the quality of the cleaning regimen you have for your hardwood floor. Even choosing the proper mop handle is important, because a flimsy handle will bend and may even break if you try to use it thoroughly.

The good news is, if you spend the extra money and purchase the highest quality cleaning tools you can, you will have a tool that will last you for many years to come. It is not simply going to be a throwaway item and then you will go spend more money after a month or two passes.

As far as the dust mop is concerned, it should be of high quality and you should have two options available; a small dust mop and a long dust mop.

The smaller dust mop can be used to sweep the well-traveled areas on a daily basis. It will also reach slightly under some of the pieces of furniture that may hide dirt and debris.

A longer handle dust mop can be used every few days to reach into those out-of-the-way areas that may be missed by a smaller dust mop. It is also best if you use a large dust mop immediately before washing the floor.

As was discussed earlier, using a microfiber towel is an excellent way to pick up some of the smaller pieces that may be left behind with a standard mop or broom. It should be used after you dust mop the floor because it will quickly gather dirt and you will have to clean it regularly.

There are a few options when using a microfiber towel. Some people find that it is best just to wrap it around the dust mop and use it in that way. You can also purchase handles that are specific for microfiber use.

When it comes to the deeper clean, there are many different tools available. We discussed many of the options above, but sometimes a simple mop and bucket are what will be needed.

Make sure that you have a high-quality mop and bucket because it will wring out the water more thoroughly. You don’t want to leave standing water on the hardwood and if you are dry mopping it daily, you only need to do a light wash.

Spend more money now to purchase higher quality cleaning products and you will spend a lot less in the long run.

The best tool for cleaning a hardwood floor is a dust mop. It will pick up much of the dirt and debris that is left on the floor due to everyday use. A long dust mop will also reach under areas that may be missed, such as under appliances and furniture. You can then follow up by using a microfiber towel.

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