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What Can You Use to Clean AirPods?

If you’re like me, you use your Apple AirPods more than once a day. Like any piece of electronics that you are frequently in contact with, they can accumulate dirt and other debris. When you are cleaning any of your other electronics, there are certain dos and don’t that you need to adhere to, to not cause any damage. 

When cleaning your AirPods, you want to use a solution without too much moisture. Alcohol, depending on what type, is usually the best way to clean your AirPods. You always need to be sure to keep whatever solution you are using away from the speaker holes in your AirPods. 

Hand holding white Airpod earphones

Cleaning electronics can be a tricky task. You can risk damaging the electronic connectors or speakers. So what is the best method to safely clean your AirPods?

Can You Use Alcohol to Clean AirPods?

Two packages of alcohol wipes

Usually, especially when it comes to sanitizing surfaces or other objects the first thing that comes to mind is alcohol. What some people don’t know is that there are many types of alcohol that are designed for different uses. 

You can use alcohol to clean your AirPods, but it needs to be isopropyl alcohol and you need a certain percentage. When using isopropyl alcohol to clean your AirPods, you want isopropyl alcohol that has no more than 75 percent alcohol in it. Be sure to check the label as the alcohol percentage in isopropyl alcohol can range vastly.

When using alcohol to clean your AirPods, you want to apply it to a clean, soft cloth. You don’t want something that has an abrasive surface. You then should clean the larger areas, avoiding the speaker holes as well as the magnetic connections at the bottom. If you come in contact with these areas, you can damage or break your AirPods.

You should never use alcohol that you would drink to clean your AirPods. It has a different chemical composition compared to isopropyl alcohol and will not have the same desired effect. 

Can You Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Clean AirPods?

A bottle of hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is another substance that we turn to when looking to disinfect things. While it has many uses, should it be applied to your AirPods?

You should not use hydrogen peroxide to clean your AirPods. While it is also a sanitizer like alcohol, it has more moisture and does not evaporate as quickly. Your AirPods are not considered to be waterproof. Using hydrogen peroxide can easily damage or break your AirPods.

Even using it on the outer areas of your AirPods can be risky. Hydrogen peroxide fizzes as it disinfects. This may cause moisture to get into areas of your AirPods that can be severely damaged by moisture. 

Can You Use Nail Polish Remover/Acetone to Clean AirPods?

Nail polish and nail polish remover

While people often consider that nail polish remover and acetone are the same, there can be a few subtle differences. Many nail polish removers contain acetone, but some do not. Acetone is flammable on colorless. Nail polish remover is a solvent and is often mixed with other ingredients to change its color and odor. 

You cannot use nail polish remover or acetone to clean your AirPods. Both are solutions that have compounds in them that dissolve plastics. Even exposing your AirPods to either solution for a short amount of time can cause irreversible damage. 

Can You Use Hand Sanitizer to Clean AirPods?

A bottle of hand sanitizer

The fact that many of us have a hand sanitizer readily available with us makes it seem like a go-to for cleaning electronics and other items that we touch frequently. When it comes to hand sanitizer, not all brands are created equal. 

If you want to clean your AirPods with hand sanitizer, there are a few things to check on the ingredients list first. You want to be sure you are using a hand sanitizer that is 75 percent alcohol. You also want to look out for additives. Additives that are designed to add scents or dilute it can cause damage.

Any additive that adds more moisture than the desired alcohol level is going to prevent it from evaporating quickly. When you have moisture residue on your AirPods, it will damage them. Even if you are lucky and find that they are not damaged, the residue that is left behind after it dries can also be undesirable. 

Can You Use a Q-tip to Clean AirPods?

A cup of Q-tips

Q-tips are a great way to clean small areas. They also have the benefit of absorbing materials that don’t belong. One of these materials is earwax. You may find that your AirPods have accumulated dust or airway. 

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When looking at using q-tips to clean your AirPods, the best choice is to upgrade and get a spiral-tipped ‘q-tip’ that is designed specifically for cleaning electronics. This way, you can access the small crevices easily and you’re less likely to have cotton residue from the q-tip in the crevices.

While this method works for your AirPods, it also works for your AirPods case. This will also get dirty over time as you put your AirPods back into it, as well as general exposure to the environment. With the fine point spiral-tipped cleaners, you can clean all of the small and hard-to-reach areas of your case. 

In the long run, if you keep your AirPods case clean, your AirPods will remain cleaner for longer.

These q-tips that are designed for the use of electronics are also a great way to clean around areas that you should stray away from with other methods. Because they absorb moisture and other materials, you can use these to clean around the speaker and connection ports. 

Can You Use Compressed Air to Clean AirPods?

A white can of compressed air

Compressed air is usually one of the go-to solutions when it comes to cleaning electronics. It is effective and is a quick method to remove dirt and residue from your electronics crevices and ports.

Using compressed air can be a good way to clean your AirPods, but there are some things to keep in mind. The first is that you should never blow compressed air into your AirPods speakers. Even if you are holding the compressed air canister at a safe distance, the pressure is so high that it can still damage it.

When using compressed air, you always want to be sure to hold it at least ten inches away. You also want to make sure that you have the can in an upright position, to not release the refrigerant liquid. 

One good practice to use compressed air is to spray from the side, rather than spraying the compressed air directly onto your electronics. This reduces the chance that the air pressure will cause damage.

Can You Use Water to Clean AirPods?

Spray bottle with water

Water and electronics are usually not a good mix. I say usually because there are electronics that have been developed to be waterproof – or at least more so than their typical counterparts.

You should never use water to clean your AirPods. As water takes awhile to evaporate, even if you feel that you have fully wiped the water clean from your AirPods, that may not be the case. You also run the risk of having water get into either your magnetic charging ports or your AirPod speaker holes.

If water gets into either of these, your AirPods will be damaged or destroyed.

Can You Use Toothpicks to Clean AirPods?

A container of toothpicks

Earwax is one of the unfortunate debris that you may notice getting stuck in your AirPods. Usually, you will notice some earwax build up around either the small holes over your speaker, or around the edges of your AirPods. Your first thought may be to use a sharp object to pick out those small bits of gunk.

You should not use a toothpick to clean your AirPods. While you may be able to clean the outer ridges safely. Using a toothpick to clean the small holes that cover the speaker can lead to damage. It is easy to either stick the toothpick in too far and damage a speaker, or to even end up pushing the debris that you were trying to clean off further inside. Both of these will result in damage to your AirPods.

Can You Use Clorox/Alcohol Wipes to Clean AirPods?

Container of Clorox wipes

Both Clorox and alcohol wipes are convenient and quick ways to disinfect surfaces and other areas. However, when it comes to your AirPods, are you able to use these as a quick and pre-prepped cleaning solution?

You can use both Clorox and alcohol wipes to clean your AirPods. However, when it comes to using alcohol wipes, you need to read the labeling. You should not use any alcohol wipe that has more than 75 percent alcohol content. 

This article was first published on May 6, 2022 by Wabi Sabi Group..

The alcohol wipes that you typically find in the store are usually between 75 and 99 percent isopropyl alcohol. Double-check to make sure that you are getting the latter, otherwise, you risk damaging your AirPods.

With both Clorox and alcohol wipes, you should wipe the flat surfaces. Do not run them over the speaker holes in the front of your AirPods. You can use a clean, dry cloth for that area. Otherwise, you risk damaging or destroying your AirPods by getting moisture inside of them.

Can You Use a Vacuum to Clean AirPods?

Handheld vacuum

When thinking of a vacuum, cleaning your AirPods with one wouldn’t be the first thing that comes to mind. However, there are several different types of vacuums on the market. Some of which are very effective in cleaning AirPods.

You can clean your AirPods with a hearing air vacuum. As hearing aids are highly delicate, this vacuum is designed not to damage the electronics of it. However, you should never use your regular day-to-day vacuum on your AirPods. Even if you have an attachment, as the vacuum sucks in materials, it will damage your AirPods. 

This is especially true when it comes to delicate speakers.

How to Clean Apple AirPods Properly

Apple Airpods with lid open

There are several different ways that you can clean AirPods, but there are some methods that are more effective than others.

When it comes to cleaning AirPods, the way to clean them properly is with either an alcohol solution or a Clorox wipe. If you are using an alcohol solution, you want to apply it to a clean, dry cloth that is preferably designed for use with electronics. Both methods are sure to avoid the speaker area.

You want to prevent liquid from getting into the speaker or magnetic docking points of your AirPods. Otherwise, you will likely damage or destroy your AirPods.

What Can You Use to Clean AirPods?

When it comes to cleaning your AirPods, the important thing to note is that you need to be gentle. AirPods have components, such as the speakers and the magnetic docking points that can be easily damaged. When cleaning your airpods you want to use solutions such as Clorox or isopropyl alcohol which has a percentage of 75 percent. If you have stubborn debris you can use a clean, dry cloth intended for electronics. You can also use q-tips that are designed for electronice.

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